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  1. solution for that issue ?
  2. Hi everybody , please need help my 2000 vw golf mkiv 1.8t GTI running Monsoon piggyback not reading vss , also i connected it to Di 2 and verified it LF wheel speed , so please i need help to make it ON thanks in advance
  3. Check manifold guage pressure(MGP) , how ? already using metric system btw , im not a [rofessional tuner
  4. I have link monsoon with 4 bar map internal sensor , i have a problem with its readings , it reads on idle 4.4 psi and when i start to move it increases to 17 psi , btw my boost solonoid adjusted to max 12 psi, 1- I’m connecting a seprated vacum line direct from the intake manifold to the ecu 2- calibrated on zero rpm 3- connecting on analogue volt 5 thanks in advance :)
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