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  1. Akane


    Yes, I have hooked up all 6 pins, 2x 12V+ and the ISCV gets warm when I switch to "ON" position. Will try those, thanks.
  2. Akane


    Hi all, I am using an Altezzalink on 1JZ-GTE VVTI, trying to get ISCV to work, but there's no indication that it's working at all, I have attached my tune file, is there I'm something missing? I have wired it to AUX5-AUX8 I have attached my tune file, any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks. 1JZ traditional.pclr
  3. Great answers, thanks for clearing everything up. Thanks.
  4. Hi Adamw, Thanks for that, a little baffled why it's not since it's wouldn't add much more cost to producing the ECU, since the smarts are there already. So my aim will be moving O2 sensor heater off Injector 5 to something else, am I correct in saying any one of the AUX output will be fine, set it as O2 Sensor heater and copy the settings over from Inj 5? Thanks.
  5. Hi CJ, thanks for that! What about Inj 7 and 8? The specs shows this ECU should be cable of 8/8 Ign and Inj drivers. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Trying to wire up the 1JZ-GTE VVTI to Altezza link. I am trying to wire 2 additional injectors to the ECU, I see Inj 5 pinout is used by O2 sensor, inj 6 pinout is missing, same goes for inj 7. What pinouts should i use to wire up additional injectors, and are they a "High resistance load"? Thanks
  7. Akane

    Altezza link snow button

    I'll give this a try and will report back if required. Many thanks, much appreciate your expertise.
  8. Akane

    Altezza link snow button

    Here you go. Thanks. 6218 Experimental.pclr
  9. Akane

    Altezza link snow button

    My apologies, CAN DIG #1 State toggles fine with both engine on or off. Thanks
  10. Akane

    Altezza link snow button

    Hi, in Aux Virtual monitoring, the snow button will toggle Virtual AUX no problem when engine is off, but once engine is running the Virtual AUX will be stuck to on.
  11. Akane

    Altezza link snow button

    Hi, I have set everything up accordingly (I used Virtual AUX2), but the input will remain "ON" when I monitor virtual Aux 2 with the F12 key, no matter what I do with the Snow Button. Snow Button is "working" as I toggle the button the dashboard will toggle the light on / off. Could the logic be incorrect some how? Thanks
  12. Hi there, I'm quite new to this, my apologies in advance. I've tried to search for answers but unable to find anything. My question is - the Altezzalink can communicate with the "SNOW" button via CAN / BEAN. How do I utilise this in PCLink? My scenario would be using the SNOW button to toggle features such as anti-lag or launch control. Thanks.
  13. Akane

    G4+ changing sub board

    Hi, I have a vehicle specific G4+ Plug-in, for the RX7 Now the vehicle is sold, i would like to use the ECU on my MR2 instead, is there a way for me to purchase just the sub-board / baseboard and switch it out? It'll be a lot easier than trying to patch an RX7 loom to a MR2 loom. Cheers.
  14. Akane

    RX7 ISC control

    Hi Adamw Thanks for your help, much appreciated! Cheers.
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