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  1. Nick1512

    3RZFE LS1 coil pack

    Perfect thanks guys!
  2. Nick1512

    3RZFE LS1 coil pack

    Hey guys I’ve just bought a Link Atom g4+ and I’m looking to wire it into my 3RZFE-T hilux. I’m looking to change the ignition over to direct fire using LS1 coil packs. I’ve looked in the manual and it describes 1 of the 4 pins on the coil pack as ‘signal ground’ might be a dumb question but does that just get grounded to the body same as the power ground? Also the trigger wires, pin 7 is a shield/ground is that only used if the trigger is a 3 wire trigger or can I use it for the trigger grounds? Any help would be great! Thanks Nick
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