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  1. Hi All Seeking some guidance from those running a DBW set up in their cars. In preparation of installing my E-Throttle setup, I'm trying to work out how to get things interfacing with each other, one of those items being the ACD/AYC system - particuarly the 4WD ECU. As I understand it, the 4WD ECU requires a TP input - how does this work when the conventional TPS is removed in lieu of a DBW TB+Pedal set up? Additionally, how do the EFI ECU and the 4WD ECU talk to each other? Is it as simple as the 4WD ECU inputs being spliced in from 0-5V (ie. 0-5V from TPS being spliced som
  2. Can a Evo8+ G4+ (With E-throttle) have additional analog inputs added? Alternatively, can a DI be fed 0-5v? I too have run out of inputs on my G4+ having gone E-throttle and wiring in TPS Sub/Main and APS Sub/Main. I still have a number of pressure and temp sensors I wish to wire in, and the remaining 5 channels doesn't provide enough inputs given some factory inputs also need to remain.
  3. Ah that makes sense - somewhat annoying as I'm stuck with a V1.5 board and I need an additional auxiliary output (Aux1-8) capable of PWM for my NZEFI fuel pump controller. I take it there's no way around this short of hacking up my factory wiring harness? Also, just a question on Aux10 - it's listed on the expansion connector as an available auxiliary out, however doesn't show up in the software as something I can assign a function to. I know it has something to do with the E-Throttle capability; however are you able to explain the use of the physical Aux10 pin a) with Ethrottle
  4. Hey Adam, With the CAT light - how do I go about assigning it to an alternate function? Going through my base map, there is nothing mapped as "Cat Light" in the inputs/outputs. Also, Cat Light isn't mapped as an Auxiliary Output etc (see pinout below). I've attached below what I have in my PCLink Help File vs What is on the most recent manual (Accessed through Link Product Page). Both are for PCB Revision 1.5+ and a G4+ with E Throttle. Just hoping to clarify which is the correct data. Thanks for your assistance!
  5. Oh also, having gone through the mapping of pins and functions a bit more; I have a few more questions: 1) Pin 73 - AN Vin 8 - Not assigned to anything: Can this be assigned to anything should the stock baro sensor not be pinned here? 2) Expansion Connector 1, Pin 6 - Is this assigned to DI10 or AUX4? The plugin installation manual states it's AUX4 and PCLink Help documentation calls it DI10 3) Pin 40 - CAT light - my car doesn't have a cat light. Can this be assigned for use as something else? 4) Pin 46 - Is DI10 assigned here or is it assigned to Expansion Connector 1, P
  6. Interesting - If I was to go to sequential ignition, which one of those pins would I connect my coil pack signal wire to? How does the circuitry/driving work given that the speed is controlled by two pins?
  7. Hi All, I'm seeking to clarify what each of the above pins do and what they're assigned to. PCB Rev 1.5. I'm currently mapping my inputs and outputs and in doing so, I've realised that IGN 4 is mapped to 3 different pins on the stock ecu header. Could someone clarify if there's a revised pinout? If not, could someone clarify what each of these pins does? (Also, under pin functions, IGN 4 is not mapped to anything on the Evo VII/VIII) Thanks J
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