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  1. Dave im looking at purchasing Dash2pro to use with my V44. Do you have the can setup details? I can find plenty of info for G4+ but not much regarding the older G4/V series
  2. Need to get an OTG and charging solution before making the mounting more permanent but it functions very well.
  3. It is a $98 tablet so wouldn’t surprise me It seems fine with the 12Hz so might leave it for the sake of some sympathy on the old V44 hardware. I think a hearty thanks is in order for your support through something that is essentially 3rd party. Really does not go unnoticed.
  4. Just played with this, have updated V44 output baud rate to 115200 and changed connection to match and now have practically 0 lag between input and display. Very very happy boy. Now to play with some display config screens.
  5. Would expect com 3 would be the right one to use as mine uses com 4. I’ll check my settings and share tonight
  6. Not really mate. I followed the instructions and Win10 worked flawlessly and very simply. It is the same laptop I use for tuning so all the drivers are already installed etc. I’ve had more issues getting android to work however that’s somewhat due to the fact I’ve never used the OS begore. Has anyone worked out if skins / configs are transferable between OS? Would be much easier to build a custom display using keyboard and mouse then load up on android tab.
  7. Have mine (V44 vi-pec) working on both win10 laptop and android 7” tablet with OTG hub. Looks like a slight delay on the android tablet which may be a pain as I particularly want for shift light display but I haven’t played with the software/settings enough to see if config my way around it yet. Any reason why I couldn’t increase the baud rate output from ECU and change the connection speed in RD?
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