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  1. Hi, im trying to set up anti lag on an audi tt 1.8t but the ignition retard table was set to ect and idle error, so I changed axis to engine speed and tp main but can't enter a value above 0 in the table. can anbody tell me how I can adjust the maximum allowed value in the table please. Any advice much appreciated thank you
  2. Kev Sheridan

    Auto lambda

    Hi I’m having trouble setting up auto lambda. I have an aem lambda sensor linked into ecu and a gauge. But when I turn auto mode on afr falls below the 14.7 I have set in the lambda table but goes back up to 14.7 when I turn auto mode off. Any ideas as to why would be much appreciated thanks
  3. Kev Sheridan


    Hi I’m about to buy a link knock light but have noticed some say g4+ and other say G4 on the internet picture is there a difference between the two or are some shops just using older pictures? Many thanks for any info
  4. Hi I’m setting up my link g4+ plug and play ecu in an Audi TT with a big turbo upgrade. I have fitted a wideband lambda sensor and have got the fueling about right. Before I start on the timing I need to know if the factory knock sensors work on the g4 and do I need to set them up? Also Could I use the link knock light to tune timing or should I go down the audible knock headphone route? Any help much appreciated thanks.
  5. Hi I have an Audi TT with s plug and play link ecu. I’m trying to set up fuel map for a bigger turbo I have fitted but fuel map only goes up to 20 psi I need at least 30psi how do I increase map values?
  6. Hi I have a g4+ plug in on an Audi TT am I right in thinking I need a can lambda kit to read wide band on pclink? The car has a wide band sensor but the ecu doesn’t seam to be able to read it. Or have I just not got the setting right? Thanks
  7. Kev Sheridan


    Sorry I meant I adjusted master fuel injector ms from 20 to 17. It’s a plug and play ecu and I’m using standard Bosch lambda sensor taking lambda reading from pc link
  8. Kev Sheridan


    Hi. I’ve just installed g4+ on Audi TT on first start up lambda was 0.520 so I tried lowering main fuel - injector pulse 1 unit at a time from 20 to 17 this got me to 0.660 but 16 15 ect made the lambda fall back down again. Is there any other setting that need adjusting other than injector pulse width that could cause lambda to be so low?
  9. Hi does anybody know if the link Audi TT 225 bam engine ecu will work with the 4 wheel drive Haldex system?
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