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  1. I've finally got it right, I used a oem 5v supply as in the diagram. The big issue for me was to get my head around how the diagram solved the neutral light. But it didn't so I wired it to and auxiliary output with low side activation. Just received my quickshifter so now I can enjoy boost by gear and full throttle up shifting. Thanks for the explanations you made
  2. Hi! Tried it yesterday with the oem 12v wiring and got to high voltage values. 9,7v on 6 sixth gear and 7,xx on fifth gear. Will try to wire it to 5v and keep the oem neutral light.
  3. I'm not sure I'm getting this, the gear position sensor is fed with 12v, not sure if it will have an impact on your wiring?
  4. Hi! I have a Suzuki gsxr 1000 turbo with a oem gear position sensor, the output is unfortunately in resistance/ohm. I would like to have a gear position sensor to adapt the boost level depending on the gear selection. The problem is that the gear position option is only enabled in a AN volt input channel. I think most bikes have this type of sensor, would it be possible to enable gear option to the temperature inputs? I haven't found any good suggestions for converting a resistance signal to a voltage signal. I'm running a Link Fury G4+
  5. Hi! I'm new here but when I looked into this a couple of months ago I found a OTG that should charge and allow data transfer. Looks like this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172239987058?ul_noapp=true
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