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  1. EvilEvolution8

    KnockBlock in PCLink

    Yes...but " Why I have to buy a knockblock when the ECU make the same things? "
  2. EvilEvolution8

    KnockBlock in PCLink

    Hello, Should be very useful to have the same functionality of KnockBlock direct into PCLink connecting ear phone direct to pc (or jack direct into ECU for newer products) and listen knock. I think this features (that adaptronic have) makes more advantages : - setting the knock control features - don't wire another knock sensor for knock block to semplify wiring on the dyno/street - saving money Thanks Regards
  3. EvilEvolution8

    Launch Control and Rolling antilag!

    Thanks for your reply Adam, it's just for have a complete solution. Some car tuned for drag racing...often...it used for flying mile or km. The solution that you adviced is a little trick (couse is not simple to press button at the same RPM every shot on the strip.)
  4. EvilEvolution8

    Launch Control and Rolling antilag!

    Hello, Why is not possible to use both launch control and rolling antilag ? All other high-end ecu (Motec, Haltech, Emtron, Microtech, etc) take these functions separately. Would be very useful to separate these functions to put the tuner in condition to use them at 100% of their potential. Thanks
  5. EvilEvolution8

    CAN Hub

    Yes...you right...the Haltech CAN Hub is a little bit expensive...but this solution with 4 pin is very useful because all devices connected to the Hub is automatic powered up too. Imho this solution produce a clean wiring harness and a very easy extendable platform :)
  6. EvilEvolution8

    CAN Hub

    Hello Guys, I'm new in the LinkECU world. I used for a long time Haltech products (ECUs and CAN modules) The Haltech CAN Hub is very easy and fast way to connect CAN devices...there is a chance to use the CAN Hub with G4+ Fury and others CAN expansion modules? Like wideband controller, I/O expander, EGT controller etc etc ? Thanks Best regards