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  1. What's Is the advantage to use this solution instead of ti set 4-10 kHz wideband ?
  2. sorry for the intrusion.. but is possible to set 6kHz narrow band if a wideband knock sensor installed ?
  3. Hello, Like above... Is possibile with link Thunder...stock evo trigger pattern...using a sequential ignition? Thanks
  4. Hello Adam, Where are the BA Falcon settings? There isn't a base map for BA in the PCLink base maps folder.
  5. I have the 4 plug OEM ECU version.. I use the stock wiring for tacho...all works fine.
  6. I have the same configuration in my Evo 8 with Thunder... 12 tooth crank trigger wheel and i removed the large tooth from cam trigger wheel.
  7. At low speed...like 40-60kmh the cruise control not working well... ECU accelerate the car 5-8kmh over the target speed...then lift off the TP...and start to re-accelerate the car when is 5-8kmh under the target speed
  8. Ohh..so i have to set Cruise on switch to toggle before and then i can set Latch to DI ? Have you a PID settings starting point for Cruise ? A throttle table less aggressive then standard can help to make Cruise smooth ?
  9. Ok Adam... perfect...no problem I thought I had done something wrong. Thanks
  10. Hello Guys, ECU Thunder with last firmware... I set Cruise control switches and all works fine...Cruise control works... One question...i set Aux 14 for Cruise light...but when Cruise control status = enabled or active...PCLink says Cruise light OFF.. Any advice ?
  11. Hello Guys, ECU Thunder...i set DI8 for Cruise control On Switch... I set Input Latch mode ON...store to ecu... Switch off / on Key...input Latch mode OFF... Why ?
  12. I try with 3k...4k...not perfect...with 8k works fine... TP follow target very good without any fluctuations with 0.1% deadband!
  13. Now i using 500hz. With Haltech elite 1500.. dont need PID settings...frequency default (i dont Remember)...only calibrate pedal and throttle and go. I change to link because i need functions that haltech dont have...much more input/output..and to make experience with link platform that i think Is great. I think that haltech Is better only in dbw management and some "drag racing feature" (like launch control and Rolling antilag that are two separeted functions) For the rest (forum support, help file, Easy of use, afr stability, Motorsport functions, etc etc) for me the link Is superior! I compare the two ecu because i think that for improve a function...Is good to see how other ecu manage that function... understand...and try something different. mine was not meant to be a criticism but a cue to improve a function that I think other ecu manage better.
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