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  1. I have a Thunder .... Can you post a link about that "formula" ? Thanks
  2. Hello Guys, Is possible to have a base setup ...a starting point... for closed loop lambda control and closed loop boost control ? Thanks Guys
  3. Great! Have you a list of changes...new features...fixes...etc etc ? Thanks
  4. Hello Guys, Is possibile to have a link for download of 5.6.6 version? I have that firmware in my Thunder but I don't have the setup file anymore.. Thanks Best Regards
  5. Ok Adam...i cant use now knock headphones . Before link i used haltech with same engine configuration and the engine no knocking with same ign table...with 100oct fuel pump gas I Will test after fuel system problem will be solved.
  6. Thanks Adam, Thanks for explanation. Now i Will investigate about fuel system problem. Can you have some advice about the knock question? Thanks
  7. Ok Clint...so you think that the wrong values of DFP is because the AN10 is too big ?
  8. Ok cj...i have full blown fuel pump hanger in my evo 8..fuel lines new (an10 /an6) and fuelab pressure regulator (fp sensor Is in regulator)...its all ready for IDs 1300x. I dont have any 1 way valve in my fuel circuit. Unfortunately i have a 1.2bar wg...i cant go under that. In my log mgp = -44 kPa , fuel p =310kpa , differential = 355 kPa...this is wrong...seems that the ecu add 44 to 310...but 44 is negative...not positive...the calc is wrong!!
  9. My static fuel pressure is set to FP Sensor because i have a fuel pressure sensor on fuel pressure regulator... So...how ecu can know the static fuel pressure?
  10. I dont understand how differential pressure is calculated.. At idle and at 0 mgp the fuel pressure is around 290-300kpa.. At 130mgp the fuel pressure is around 430kpa... I think fuel pressure increased proportionally with boost... right?
  11. Yes Ducie I noticed... I have a walbro 450lt/h fuel pump... I'll going to check voltage at fuel pump!
  12. EvilEvolution8

    Two questions

    Hello Guys, i have a evo 8 with thunder ecu, bosch wideband knock sensor, gsc s2 cams, stock evo injector i attached map and log. i have two questions: 1) around 6700 rpm injector duty cycle going from 97% to 128% and afr goes very lean...why? 2) the knock level of cyl3 goes very high (i try to remove 2* but same situation)..why cyl3 is so different from others? i noticed that knock sensor is so close to cyl3...this can create that difference in knock level from cyl3 and others? thanks for support guys ss2.pclr ss2.llg
  13. Ooops! Sorry I thought I had set up on saturated ... my mistake Thanks a lot Adam
  14. Hello guys, i need some help. i tune my fuel table from 1500 to 3500 rpm and from 50 to 120kpa...values seems reasonable but when i jumped to 40kpa i need too high ve value. car is evo 8 with stock turbo and sstock injector...gsc s2 cams...direct spark conversion....and dbw conversion. i attached map and log. thanks guys test.pclr test.llg
  15. Hi Hans.. Thanks for your advice...tomorrow i will try!
  16. Hello Guys, Someone can advice a starting point for configuration with Bosch DBW? Thanks
  17. Hello Guys, Any news about the release date ? Thanks
  18. The car is running now...wiring is just completed...I don't need to change the injector plug for switching from stock to IDs... I need to know only 2 things : - Stock evo injector with stock ballast resistor => What best Injection Setup settings? (Peak and Hold or saturated? what current? ) - ID1050x without ballast resistor => What best Injection Setup settings? (Peak and Hold or saturated? what current? ) Thanks
  19. Hello Guys, I have a G4+ Thunder in my Lancer Evo 8. At the moment I have stock injector with stock ballast resistor. What config about Injection Setup ? (Now I have set to saturated (Peak 8A, Hold 0.1A) In the future (i think next month) I'll switch to ID1050x (without ballast resistor) In this case what is the best config for Injection Setup Thanks
  20. Hi Adam....Sorry for delay.. I found the problem...the ignition fuse was broken...replaced the fuse...all works fine ... Engine now Is running . Thanks for your help
  21. Ohh Sorry...i mean Fire Spark plug... So...if base timing Is way off..ecu cant fire Spark plug? Right ?
  22. In the help file...its suggested to set it to OFF to avoid to inject fuel while settings base timing... Its right or I dont get It ? I Will try your advice for settings base timing
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