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  1. Gregconboy158

    CAN/RS232 PnP ecu

    Thanks for your reply Adam. I think I will have to settle for a 10" tablet then and try and hide part of the lower section behind the dash bar.
  2. Gregconboy158

    CAN/RS232 PnP ecu

    I'm hoping to use the can port to stream data and provide power from the fuse box to charge at same time through the same usb so then only needing 1 port. Plus it also means if I can use this port the wiring to tablet can integrate into the interior loom where as using the normal usb tuning cable would mean I need to leave it somewhat free for when tuning.
  3. Gregconboy158

    CAN/RS232 PnP ecu

    Bump anyone know ?
  4. Gregconboy158

    CAN/RS232 PnP ecu

    No tablet doesn't have a serial port, I'm struggling to find a 8" windows tablet with 2 usb ports, 10" tablets can find easily but I feel 10 will be to big. I've got a connector and pins for the CAN port on the ecu board so was hoping to make a usb sub loom instead of the usual serial.
  5. Gregconboy158

    CAN/RS232 PnP ecu

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me please. I have a Honda PnP G4+ ecu which has a CAN/RS232 port on the board. What I'm wondering is, can I use this to directly connect a tablet to stream data? I'm wanting to use a tablet as my main dash and doing it through this port will be much easier than having to unplug the tuning cable everytime I want to tune. If this is possible to use this port, can I charge and stream from the same plug? I know I can't with the normal tuning cable. Thanks,
  6. Gregconboy158

    Fuel level calibration

    Thanks for the replies lads! Always a great help on this forum! My fuel sender readings are 270 ohms empty, 65 ohms (approx) 1/2 tank, 15 ohms full. Will the diagram on that post still be ok for mine Adam?
  7. Gregconboy158

    Fuel level calibration

    Hi, I'm planning on using a windows tablet as my main dash, this is getting rid of the original clocks. Do we know if possible and if so how to do so to add fuel level to the g4+ ecu? It's a Honda PnP if makes a difference. I have the ohms readings for full, half and empty. Please let me know if it is possible or not Thanks,
  8. Gregconboy158

    3d print ecu case

    Hello all, I have just bought a PnP g4+ ecu for my Honda, only thing is I haven't a stock ecu case for it so I was thinking about 3d printing one, which will look better (aiming for like the wire in links) because the stock Honda cases are big, bulky and ugly! What I'm wondering is though, will it be ok to 3d print the ecu enclosure? I've had a quick look on internet but hasn't said much apart from one place saying the ecu needs a metal enclosure? Any help would be great thanks before I waste hours designing and printing
  9. Gregconboy158

    Raspberry pi as dashboard

    Thankyou for clearing that up! Windows tablet it is!!
  10. Gregconboy158

    Raspberry pi as dashboard

    Hello everyone, I've just got a g4+ pnp for my track car. Has anyone used a raspberry pi as a dash display successfully? I know it is big in the megasquirt world but I can't find much on it for link. It's either a pi or a windows tablet I'm looking at, I could get a race technology dash2 but it would be nice to use something I can adjust the map on too.