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  1. Thanks for that mate.... done ✅ Now if I was to then swap over to e85 I would just increase it by 30% (roughly, just to get it around the garage and into the trailer)
  2. Hi guys I’m hoping you could help me out with a problem, just really need it good enough to get in the trailer and go for a proper tune but... ive swapped out 1000cc injector to 2200cc injectors and now doesn’t run. I’ve done the numbers but soomthingd not right can someone please correct me where I’ve gons wrong old master fuel 5 +45trim (7.25 if I’m not mistakin) new injector ratio is .45:1 new fuel master should be 3.26ms since lowest value is 4, I’ve entered 4 -19% trim. From there I’ve gone to fuel table and times values by .45 ive set dead times but vehicle still won’t run.... am I way off here? Can someone please shed some light on this any help would be great
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