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  1. Yea the old injectors were decaped so just to rule they r the issue I've got back to 440 as I no they r right 

    It was running not great yesterday on the new injectors was alot better but seemed like it wasn't running on six as the nly one exhaust manifold was getting hot the other was barley warm but today it wouldn't even really cough 

    Tacho can wait just another thing to tick off

  2. still have no enjoy with this car

    i changed the injectors out for some stock light blue from a wrx 440cc seemed to help rail presure is set to 45psi injectors are 440 at 43.5 

    also put alternator back on car

    i fixed ethrottle issues 

    wired the second cam sensor for vvt up not sure if that was issues

    but now to car wont run im at a lose at this point 

    also cant get the tacho to work on my gc8 even it sent up as it should be 

    once again guys thanks 

    EZ30r v1.3.pclr

  3. na errors r only really on start up 


    it seem a little better starting to think i may have injector problem as no matter how much i take out fuel it seem tp be like 10.0 to 11.5 afr

  4. Thanks for the tips guys will try that today 

    im running at return system with a rising rate reg 

    also i am running 810cc injectors 

    but will give it a go with the changes thanks again 


  5. Ez30r

    Hey does anyone have a base map for ez30r  to suit g4+ Xtreme red


    Also have issues get cam sensor to show a signal 


    Any help greatly appreciated



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