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    Skinnydactyl reacted to cj in EZ30R MAP   
    What you have there is actually a passable base map given you can start the engine with it. 
    There are all kinds of small things but the biggest one is that you have what looks like a fuel table from a "traditional" tune but the fuelling is set to modelled. Try copying the numbers from the monsoon base map into your fuel table and try starting it again. You also have your injectors configured as 810cc @ 285KPA. factory injectors are 270 @ 300kpa if you are still running these. These numbers need to be accurate for modelled mode to work well.
    "smaller" things that you should also change:
    under fuel main>fuel system type, you have "none". This should match whatever you've currently got setup on your fuel rails. factory EZ30's changed from what was actually a MAP referenced regulator feeding returnless rails, to a true returnless system in either 05 or 06.
    you have no lambda input, this makes tuning MUCH easier.
    You dont have an intake temp sensor hooked up
    Probably turn off 4d fuel table and IAT correction (modelled mode handles IAT internally)
    you have nothing hooked up to trigger or read AVCS. Have a look at some of the Honda Vtec maps for methods of switching to secondary fuel and ignition tables for when this is activated.
    Run the VVT cam angle test process if you havent already - neither your trigger 2 or DI1 VVT offset match the expected ones from the help file. 
    and it looks like you're running the same TPS signal to both TPS main & sub. There are 2 position outputs on the factory ethrottle motor, you should run 1 to main and 1 to sub.
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    Skinnydactyl reacted to Adamw in EZ30R MAP   
    You had a few settings wrong mostly to do with fuel.  I have fixed them in the version below.
    Fuel table numbers were too small for modelled mode.   Lambda target overlay was enabled and was commanding a Lambda between 8-200? Fuel system type changed to MAP referenced. It looks like you havent done the trigger calibration so you need to do that.  The rest will just be tuning.
    604246050_EZ30rv1.0 fixed.pclr
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