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  1. I tried out a few sensors yesterday, funny that they all were very stable when in "set base timing" mode and revving the engine up displayed little to no timing drift but after some logs dwell and ROC were jumping around. I found one sensor that was the most stable out of all 3 tested. Question, with that cam cam trigger kit which I am seriously considering, being that the mount plate isn't adjustable like a standard CAS, when in "set base timing" mode I'll want to change that pre-set 10 degree value to whatever read out I'm getting from my timing light on the damper? Usually I would just adjust the CAS until I get my 10 degree reading.
  2. When data logging, what would be the best way to observe and test can angle sensors for scatter/spark drift? Specifically the CAS on the RB series engines. I have been collecting some sensors and would like to test them on my test vehicle so I can use on some of my other higher performance builds. Would I want to watch the ROC?
  3. R32 GTR RB26, I am using only the AAC Valve located on the vacuum chamber under the intake manifold. It has a quick adjustment screw and 2 terminal steper motor. Is the base map file with the stepper motor type as unipolar (6 terminal) the correct selection? It's difficult to access and remove the motor to watch the valve movement so I thought I would ask first.
  4. Thank you. That was my next question, what ground would be sufficient? I see Pin 50 is "Ground" or signal ground is expansion 1.
  5. Can I connect an AEM wideband to a plug&play G4+without using the expansion loom? I see AN Volt 4 & 5 are AFM signals (front/rear). Will one of these work?
  6. Fixed. Went a little higher on my RPM lockout value and it fixed my problem. Sorry for the thread.
  7. Sometimes the rpm will be above target until I either jab the throttle a little or wait long enough for it to activate. It seems to change all depending on how I decelerate. I adjusted the idle ignition control MAP lockout value a few times but didn't seem to help. dec15.llg
  8. True. I worded it incorrectly.
  9. Reviewing data and I am noticing minor lean spikes between WOT shifts. It's probably not something to worry about very much but I would like to see if I can make it a little better. What area would I make adjustments to first? Wake up load correction table?
  10. In the Motorsport Anti Lag setup I believe. Lots of fuel and retarded ignition timing.
  11. I am going to say it has something to do with the fuel table values differing so much in that one area. Someone correct me though, I am still learning. You can see the INJ PW jumping around because of this.
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