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  1. Jeffersonc

    Idle Ignition Control Small Problem

    Fixed. Went a little higher on my RPM lockout value and it fixed my problem. Sorry for the thread.
  2. Jeffersonc

    Idle Ignition Control Small Problem

    Sometimes the rpm will be above target until I either jab the throttle a little or wait long enough for it to activate. It seems to change all depending on how I decelerate. I adjusted the idle ignition control MAP lockout value a few times but didn't seem to help. dec15.llg
  3. Jeffersonc

    Lean Spikes Between WOT Shifts

    True. I worded it incorrectly.
  4. Jeffersonc

    Lean Spikes Between WOT Shifts

  5. Jeffersonc

    Lean Spikes Between WOT Shifts

    Reviewing data and I am noticing minor lean spikes between WOT shifts. It's probably not something to worry about very much but I would like to see if I can make it a little better. What area would I make adjustments to first? Wake up load correction table?
  6. Jeffersonc

    flamethrower tune help

    In the Motorsport Anti Lag setup I believe. Lots of fuel and retarded ignition timing.
  7. Jeffersonc

    Misfire issues?

    I am going to say it has something to do with the fuel table values differing so much in that one area. Someone correct me though, I am still learning. You can see the INJ PW jumping around because of this.
  8. Jeffersonc

    Closed Loop Over Boosting

  9. Jeffersonc

    Closed Loop Over Boosting

    I changed stage 2 ON from 30 to 50kpa and logged the run. Still doesn't show stage 1 to be active. I didn't get to adjust WG duty as the day ran short due to a flat tire. nov11 01.llg
  10. Jeffersonc

    Rich spike on throttle change

    Following this. I having a similar issue where it goes rich for a moment after stabbing the throttle. I found adjusting the accel hold to 2 INJ events helped my engine setup. Try some adjustments on the accel sense and decay? I'm going to try adjustments in the clamp table this week, starting with lower rpm first so I don't possibly run into a lean spike during full throttle gear shifts.
  11. Jeffersonc

    Closed Loop Over Boosting

    Okay, now it makes sense. I'm not sure how my tuner went about doing it. What area of the table should I address some attention?
  12. Jeffersonc

    Closed Loop Over Boosting

    Here is a longer pull that I logged a few days ago. Okay, if I understand correctly then perhaps try a stage 2 setting of 15kpa to start? pull 2.llg
  13. Jeffersonc

    Closed Loop Over Boosting

    I am looking into fine tuning the boost control. I am reading the help files to get a better understanding on how closed loop control and PDI works. Have a look at my log and give me an idea what area I could look into for adjustments. I can see that my boost integral (%DC) goes into (-). Whats happening exactly here? now.llg
  14. Jeffersonc

    ECT Sensor Calibration

    Rb25. I have selected the correct sensor calibration but it reads roughly roughly 15 degrees different from my aftermarket Defi gauge. I have my Defi sensor located in the block between cylinder 5&6. My factory sensor is located in the intake manifold right at the water neck outlet. What would be the best sensor location for this type of engine? (RBs are known to run warmer at the rear). If the block sensor reading is best, how would I go about setting up a table to suit?
  15. Jeffersonc

    Lean warm/hot restart

    Funny, I am having the same issue. Would like to hear what others have to say. Good read here in regards to same problem.