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  1. On 7/28/2018 at 9:34 AM, Adamw said:

    Yes you can do that.  You will need to have a pretty good understanding of basic circuits and reading wiring diagrams however as you will need to add some extra circuits to control stuff like the ECCS relay etc.


    All stock parts will be fine.  You wont need the air flow meter anymore.  You may need to add an air temp sensor if it doesnt have a factory fitted one.

    Thanks for the info :) 
    This is my first time doing anything like this and i was planning to get the car ready for a September drift event.
    I understand wiring diagrams but i was hoping someone had a diagram for any knid of ecu so i could get some help from that.
    Or if anyone got a guide to help me do this.

  2. Hey.
    I just bought myself a Vipec V44 for my s13 driftcar with an CA18DET
    Im running Skyline injectors (i think) 255 Walbro fuel pump and a GT2871R turbo. The rest is stock
    I was wondering if i could use the stock engine harnes and connecti it with the one from the Vipec harness? 
    And can i use the stock components like coils & CAS? 
    Have anyone done this before?

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