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  1. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    Amended the rom to cam pulse 1x after cutting out the smaller tooth on the cam. Still no luck in having the car fire up. I have attached a rom with the trigger settings as is, trigger scope log/capture, for ease of reference. Thanks. Trigger Scope Log 2019-06-11 1;21;46 pm.llg 103226449_FINALBaseTune.pclr
  2. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    Ok... will do so and update you. Thank you.
  3. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    @Adamw thank you. Will amend, and update. trigger edges for both cam and crank are ok? @Simon cam signal has not been modified. trigger calibration done with a timing light and it is spot on.
  4. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    Im not getting any fault codes btw.
  5. 400s

    Trigger Setup - Evo 5

    Hi guys, Need some help getting the car to start on an 18 tooth trigger wheel. Cam and Crank angle sensors are new. I have attached the trigger scope, trigger log and rom for ease of reference. Let me know what I can work on to get this car to fire up. Currently we do have a spark, fuel and air but the car cant seem to fire up. Steve. Trigger Scope Log 2019-06-10 12;32;22 pm.llg 103226449_FINALBaseTune.pclr
  6. Thank you Adamw. will try it out later today and let you know how it goes. Steve.
  7. Anyone with the Dwell times for Denso 099700-2550 COP (wasted spark) which is running on an evo 5? Thanks Steve.
  8. 400s

    Engine fan control

    Ivaylo, Did it function as expected?
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