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  1. Cheers Adam, have sent you a message also :)
  2. AlexSavv

    Monsoon can

    I have an X series wideband connected to my Monsoon, Theres a guide in the help file. Very easy!
  3. Hi guys, sorry for the noob post but.. I’m wiring an oil temp sensor to my Monsoon using a spare AN Volt channel set as GP Temp (external pull-up) Im using a 2 pin temp sensor from EFI parts, https://www.efi-parts.co.uk/index.php?productID=125 I have wire the sensor in the following way: 5v (with external 1k ohm pull-up) and AN Volt 4 to one pin... sensor ground to the other pin. Ecu is giving me a fault code saying AN4 at 5v... any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
  4. No no, my relay is wired perfectly fine, for HIGH SIDE! I think the manuals and software mislead me as above, why can you select high side and high polarity if the damn function doesn’t work! Thanks Adam for the response, just need to change the wiring to be low side if that’s the case, no big issue, still love my Link
  5. I thought 5 and 6 were high too...
  6. The manual says the high side outputs 0.5A, I’m getting 8 milliamps so this is potentially my issue
  7. Hi guys, I’m trying to trigger my fuel pump relay using Aux 6 set to High Side and High polarity. In the fuel pump settings I have it set to prime for 5 seconds. switching the output to test mode and nothing is happening. I’m getting 11.9v out of the AUX 6, and about 8 milliamps. does this seem right? Trying to trigger a 30A Picker Micro Relay When giving the relay 12v from another power source it triggers no problem. The only thing I can think of is that the monsoon isn’t outputting enough current to trigger the relay. any help or things to check appreciated!
  8. AlexSavv

    Temp sensor inputs

    Just another quick question from me as I start to lay out my loom. monsoon has 2 An Temp inputs, but I want to capture air, water and oil temp thefefore my question is... can you wire a temp sensor to another AN Input, not a temp specific one? thanks again! Alex
  9. AlexSavv

    Voltage regulation

    Thanks for the reply! Ah cool, just wanted to know if having an unregulated alternator can damage the ecu, injectors, coils etc? I guess it is a broader question as opposed to specific to Link
  10. AlexSavv

    Voltage regulation

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone knows if the G4+ models act as voltage regulators? Upgrading my alternator to one that doesn’t have a built in voltage regulator, I believe this is because it’s designed to be regulated by the ECU wondering if I will blow anything up or does the G4+ platform regulate it for me? Thanks Al
  11. AlexSavv

    Link A Loom

    This is exactly what I wanted to know^thanks man!
  12. AlexSavv

    Link A Loom

    Awesome do you know how many splits it comes with?
  13. AlexSavv

    Link A Loom

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone knows how the Link Loom A is put together? Specifially, the monsoon has 1 5v output, does the A Loom splice this multiple times to allow for it to be used across multiple sensors, or is the Loom simply 1 wire per pin? Thanks Al
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