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  1. juliusge

    Inlet LH/Signal Error: EXTRA PULSES EVO IX

    yup, did that cam angle test to confirm the offset. will post the tune file when i'm get back to my workshop. i had suspicious got wiring issues and problems on this particular evo 9 car, will also try on other evo 9.
  2. juliusge

    Inlet LH/Signal Error: EXTRA PULSES EVO IX

    hi, i also have this strange extra pulses error, got the offset on 47 but strange error extra pulse counts happening when hit full throttle. could anyone help please? CE_Video_1538181276252.mp4
  3. juliusge

    g4+ plugin lancer evo9

    hi all, i'm tuning plugin g4+ lancer evo9. using the evo9 basemap. i have an intake cam position error keep coming on. check the wiring, it has good connection to dig1 from intake camshaft sensor. change the sensor still same result. could someone help me out on this matter please?