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    BMW Link ecu

    Yes. I will check it next days.
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    BMW Link ecu

    Adamw. I think you have right. Now appears a new problem. The engine suddenly stopped and the trigger 1 signal shifted. Maybe the crank trigger wheel has changed position. The trigger offset that I use is -87. So I plan to change the trigger wheel with that use trigger offset -328. UMSTunah. I don't remember what year is the car, but I have make changes to the harness. I have change the ignition and injection pins, the trigger 1 and 2, the TPS input, the lambda input. That i remember for now. If you have questions tell me. The factory ecu is Bosch 0261200403.
  3. alfachips

    BMW Link ecu

    Hello. I have a bmw Link ecu on a 325 without vanos and I'm having trouble with the trigger2. The engine random missfire after 3000 rpm. If I isolate trigger2 works well. I thought, if there is a way the ecu do not "read" the trigger2 after 3000rpm, like the Subaru V7-10 which has "trig2 lookout", this solve the problem.
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