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  1. 6 hours ago, Adamw said:

    You can see a comparison of the main feature differences between our different models here: https://www.linkecu.com/products/ecu-comparison-chart/

    As you can see from that table, the Xtreme, Fury or Thunder will cover most of what you ask.  The Thunder is the only one with built-in thermocouple inputs but you could still get EGT's into the others using an external amplifier. 

    Although all of these ECU's will also do downshift blip, I feel our blip strategy may not have enough functionality to work well in a road car with h pattern gearbox with synchros.  I have only seen it used in race cars with sequential dog boxes where the shifts are quite fast and there is little variation (in terms of driver input) from shift to shift. i.e. the driver is always shifting as fast and hard as possible.  In our present firmware the main blip rev match is done by throttle control (or blip solenoid) only, whereas in the few road car GCU's I have seen the blip strategy is quite a bit more complicated with an overblip then a cut applied immediately to get the rev match more exact.  They also normally take multiple other inputs into account in the shift strategy such as brake pressure and wheel speed etc.  I have never tried it in a road car so this is just me making an educated guess but thought it should be mentioned upfront.

    Okay, so theres no way to make it behave like a new BMW, where if you dont release the clutch, while coasting it just keeps on at an engine speed that matches the gearbox speed?

    How configurable is the blip feature?

    Anything else where ill encounter problems?

  2. Hi, just signed up to ask this question.

    Im planning a high HP NA build for my E28 M5 with a S38 engine. I want it to feel like a more modern engine, in terms of bells and whistles. Ive got all the mechanicals planned out pretty good, but im searching for an engine management that meets my requirements, they are as follows:


    DBW Control

    Downshift blip. (revmatching)

    Knock control

    Peak and hold injector drivers.

    Fully sequential injection and ignition.

    Possibility to view live data on android device - Oiltemp/pres. EGT, AFR minimum. 

    Barometric correction.

    Closed loop lambda (O2) control.

    EGT input.

    Cruise control.


    Would also like recommendations for what sort of actuator to use to control the ITBS.


    Regards Poul



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