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  1. Thanks Adam, I'll get this info over to the tuner !!
  2. I'm having a Motec dash configured at the moment & was wondering if it is possible for the ecu to transmit fuel consumption based on injector activity. The supplier of the dash ( Cody Philips Racing ) mentioned that some ECUs have the ability to transmit this info. It's a Motec C127 dash.
  3. B.Edmonds

    Cold Start

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Changed the ISCV htz & no difference. Further investigation revealed a small vacuum leak. Fixed it. Now have reliable, trouble free cold start. Thanks as always for the support.
  4. B.Edmonds

    Cold Start

    Hello all, My car is near impossible to start from cold without some throttle input. I have asked my tuner to adjust but he hasn't been able to. it take very little effort to start when cold & once started it idles perfectly. Once warm, it starts perfectly every time on its own. Wondering if anyone out there can take a look & let me know what I can do. I've never actually done any adjustment so I'd really be flying blind if I try it on my own. 1992 Escort Cosworth. Honda coil on plug, ID1000 injectors. Let me know if I need to provide any other info. Thanks ! Cosworth March 2019.pclr
  5. After doing some investigating inbound my alternator charging voltage often dropping, sometimes to 11.9v. Replaced the alternator, no more tacho problems. Thanks for the support !
  6. Thanks guys. I have spoken with FFTEC & they really sound like they know what they're doing. Good reviews & they really like the Link ecu. Fingers crossed for a smooth dyno session on Thursday !
  7. Wondering if anyone can offer a recommendation for a dyno tuning shop in the San Francisco area. I've spoken with a few people and most don't know the Link software. FFTEC has been recommended and appear to have a good reputation. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks as always for the detailed reply ! I'll do a bit more investigation with what you have told me. B
  9. Thanks. I completely get what your saying but I'm struggling to understand why it will be fine for a few days and act up suddenly. There's also no pattern to how it will act up. I've also spoken to a few friends with Escort Cosworths. In each case, these people have done the same cluster modification with good results. The ecus range from Pectel to Emtron to many others. Anything else possibly worth checking ? Attached is someone else's picture of the tacho modification. Same as mine.
  10. If you can message me your email address I will send it to you to look at. I would prefer not to post it publicly as it is a product of a company in the UK. They asked me not to share it.
  11. The tacho is configured to A4. Tacho output is pin 18A, socket A.
  12. After driving the car for a week or so I have started to experience a strange symptom. While driving, intermittently, the rev counter will drop to the 0 position. When it does this, it will cycle between 0 & +/ 5rpm for a few seconds & the stop completely. Engine running quality never changes. If I shut down the engine & restart, the rev counter does not come back to life. If I leave it over night it starts working again. I have checked the following: * All electrical connections good * Swapped in a known good cluster. Same symptom * Checked ECU for RPM on laptop, good. No faults present with the engine running & the tachometer gauge reading 0. ** When I was 1st trying to get the car running I had a "block 3" fault. This was before I got the engine running. Have not seen this fault return since the one time I saw it. Possible ECU fault ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for your help Adam. I went ahead & bypassed a resistor on the back of the cluster & presto, it works perfectly.
  14. Hi Adam, Thanks very much for your reply. I didn't know to permanently store the change and will do so on Monday. Hopefully that also cures the intermittent tach operation. Will report back.
  15. I have a 1992 Escort Cosworth with a new engine harness and Fury ecu. I have the car running and have driven it quite a bit. I managed to get the tachometer operating accurately by adjusting duty cycle and multiplier however I'm having 2 problems: * When I 1st start the car, the tach does not operate ( it's in the 0 rpm position with the engine running ). It will only begin to operate after about 10 min of driving. Will remain operational until I shut the car off. When started again, everything repeats. * My adjusted duty cycle and multiplier randomly revert back to what the maker of the base map made and I have to reset. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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