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  1. Ok, so some more info and an update. The car is running on 98 and has never had anything else in it. The turbo is a gtx3076r, the engine was run-in a couple months ago. It was running on 1 bar of boost (gate pressure) for that time, about 1500-2000kms. The day the engine failed, we were out road tuning. We increased the boost to 20psi, did multiple pulls to make sure it was steady and then started tinkering with the timing, he claims he heard a knock in his headset once during a pull and dropped the timing down where he thought it knocked, we did a few more pulls and he said it was still knocking in the same spot, he dropped some more timing in and around the same area and we did 1 more pull, 3rd to 4th, we hit the end of 4th gear and i clutched in and put it in neutral and it stalled instantly. He told me to roll-start it and it was knocking really bad so i turned it off straight away, we pulled over and there was smoke coming out of the breathers. He told me it spun a bearing and said it was my fault because he claimed i didn't put enough oil in it. I had an actual engine shop pull it apart, they told me the bearings are fine and that the pistons in cylinders 2 and 4 were destroyed. My guess is that because of the increase in manifold pressure it was going to areas of the ignition map that it wasn't before and those areas were too aggressive, causing it to knock itself to pieces. I was quoted 6k for the engine shop to rebuild it. Lesson learnt, don't listen to people that tell you they know how to tune unless they can prove it beforehand.
  2. Hi, so i have a Version 10 WRX and was wondering how close the base map that comes in the link software is to a stock wrx map. Basically i had an engine built and tuned by a friend not long ago and it has been knocking / detonating really badly and destroyed 2 pistons and possibly more. I know that the AFR's were fine as i installed a brand new sensor. Im leaning towards the ignition timing being horribly wrong because there didn't seem to be any huge problems in the way the engine was assembled and if that's true then the problem must be the ignition timing map. Below is a picture of the base map that comes with the link software (bottom) side by side with the map created by my friend (top). I have no idea about tuning ignition timing but i feel like there is way too much timing in the high map/high revs. I also know he didn't tune this using any kind of knock detection, another reason why i believe this is what has destroyed my engine. Any help is greatly appreciated, Cheers.
  3. Hi, i started to tune my fuel map and i have this weird issue where it wants to lean out at around 2000rpm @ 2.9psi, the rest of the map is fine but in that section it demands alot of fuel to read a good AFR. Its a 2007 WRX, any help is greatly appreciated. I will upload the picture of the map and the log for reference. EDIT: After a bit of looking around i found that the base map for my car has what i assume is a typo, 26deg of advance in the VVT Table, picture below.
  4. Update, tried a new cable and another different laptop and still have the same issue. Will organise to get it sent back.
  5. I'm in Australia, it's not too far to send it it's more just a pain because I won't be able to use my car.
  6. There is only 1 port for USB and it says USB on the PCB where the port is, so im definitely ok there. I have tried unplugging everything except the USB and still get the same error so i believe that cancels out your other theory also. At this point i think its narrowed down to the cable or the chip. I'll be getting a new cable this week so fingers crossed its as simple as that, if you have any other ideas i'd be happy to try as i would rather not have to send the ecu away. Cheers.
  7. I'm going to buy a new cable and see if that is what is causing the issue and also get someone locally to have a look over it first, if i still can't get it working i will arrange sending it back to NZ. Cheers.
  8. I have tried this and get the same error, i bought a new battery yesterday and that didn't solve the issue either. I have also tried a firmware update but it tells me i am not connected to the ecu.
  9. Yes, the engine runs on the tune that was setup previously. No, the only things plugged in are the looms for the car and the usb cable.
  10. Hi, im having a problem connecting to my ecu, its a WRXLink 06-07. Whenever i connect the usb and open the link software and attempt to connect i get the following: "unable to connect to the ecu but usb connection is present. please cycle the power to the ecu" I have tried everything i can possibly find to fix this issue including; Selecting the COM Port found in device manager and connecting manually, Changing the baud rate to every possible selection, Uninstalling and re-installing the link software and the usb drivers (multiple times with no failures), Unplugging everything from the ecu except the usb. I get the same error message every single time. Previously i have set everything to auto and as soon as i plug the usb in with ignition on it connects instantly. I had my laptop connected a couple days ago so i don't understand why i am getting this error now. I also tried a different laptop and had the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i really need to get my tune updated. Cheers, Matt.
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