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  1. Found out Bad radiator Cap. I wonder could this solve The whole problem running without cooling system pressure... Didn't have Time to test The Car now that i found that leak and got pressure Back to cooling system..
  2. Well, no good news. Bleeded The system For two hours. Engine cooling Works yes, but cant get pressure build up to cooling system.. hoses dont get hard.. Switched Fuel injector connectors between 3rd and 4th. Idled almost two hours when bleeding. Zero carbon build up on 3rd plug base Ring.. Cant get Idle drop under 1500rpm(im guessing this has to do something with almost zero pressure on cooling system) I know that when you take cooling hoses off from The throttle body. Idle Will Be high.
  3. Hydraulic lifters.. Need to check this next, thanks. Ill info results. Can you just cross switch injector wiring between 3# and 4# on sequential injection?
  4. Hi. Ive Been running this ecu for years. Been Happy with IT! Now i Ran into a problem. Im running Lean/hot on cylinder 3#. And engine has started to have missfire problems along with The 3# cylinder plug reading difference. 4g63 7bolt 2.3l, hx35, fic 1050cc low impedance, GSC s1 cams, 2.0bar of boost, JMF divided setup with dual tial wg. Problems have started to occur along with moving to E85 and changed The cams to GSC s1. So far i have tested: injector have Been serviced/tested ok(same plug colouring before and after injector service) two Sets of spark plugs(same looking 3# plug), changed injector positions, changed sparkplug wire positions, measured injector resistorbox all same 6.8ohms. compression rest results 170psi all cylinders. Tested individual cyl trim +10% to cyl 3#. Coolant level stays The same, engine has high oil consumption(has Been like that For all its life 40-50tkm, most likely intake valve stem seals) I cant get The problem move from cyl 3#. And after injector service, driving The Car like 100km, took injectors out to change position, all injector nozzles had that familiar e85 Black crap on them except The injector on cyl 3#.. Nothing seems to help?! Is there a possibility that ecus injector output aint working correctly? I also noticed staged injector folder visible at ecu settings Even though main Fuel settings injection mode is plain "sequential"
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