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  1. Here is a video I did on that subject. Also see and https://youtu.be/MJ1V0A9uKLE
  2. whittlebeast

    Honda IAC setup

    I have a Honda B18C that has a IAC that uses 12v and requires 500 hz grounded to be PWMed between about 40 DC for a cold start down to about 30 DC at warm idle. What is the best way to to do this with an Xtreme ECU?
  3. That is the sort of thing I would have expected in the manual for each unique ECU.
  4. So how do I find the pin that the MAP sensor signal should come on? This is just one example....
  5. I am looking for something remotely similar to this.....
  6. Is there a full but basic diagram say for 4 injectors, 4 logic coils, two hall sensers and the five basic sensors? Looking for the pin number and standard wire color for all the basic IO to get a motor runnong here. I can post samples of what I typicall see if it would help. For example how does the fan control work or fuse sizes.
  7. Where can I find one?
  8. Here is an example of a data log I got this morning from a random person fro a tuning system I normally don't tune. I did not tune the car but within min, I can tell it is a well tuned car o the fuel side of things.
  9. I see data from lots of different systems. Engine data, GPS data, suspension data and all sorts of combinations. My go to data viewing software of choice is MLV HD. I am not saying it is always better than the native SW but I can get to an answer I understand and do it fast. Motec I2 and I2 Pro is a good example, powerful if you know your way around but the learning curve is steep. Have fun tuning Andy
  10. My next few videos on my youtube channel are designed to help people deal with idle control.
  11. For people that watch my youtube channel, these ECUs should be fairly easy to tune. All you need to do is use the Link software to export a CSV file and open the CSV right up in MegaLogViewer HD. Have fun tuning Andy
  12. Do you run the ITB motor in your pic? They tend to be very interesting.
  13. Do you have a typical log of a good running that I can look at?
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