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  1. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    one thing came to my mind. stoichiometric ratio in fuel main setup is 14.7:1 AFR. but aem uses 14.64:1 as far as I know. might this be the reason of small differences?
  2. decreasing ethrottle target helped a lot. it was not 1 to 1 but i decreased it anyway. it decreased the bucking to an acceptable level. thanks for this. yeah i also believe that it's happy at 15*. i have already tried to change the idle area as you also suggested but this time it moved the problem to 1250-1500 rpm range. i realized that same thing happened at 1250-1500 area as the timing increases a lot. may be i need to retune timing in the rows of 40 and 60 kpa to make smooth increases and decreases but i am not actually confident about that. i need to find a way to interpolate the timing according to new values but i have no idea about that. any suggestions appreciated. does flatting the two rows make any sense? i know this will cause an extreme loss of torque in that are but high rpms are not actually used at 40-60 kpa usually.
  3. still related to this: after solving the problems of bucking and idle, i accidentally realized that sometimes there is a strong bucking at very slow speed between 1000-1500 rpm. i tried to search for the cause and i have found that it happens when idle ignition control kicks in and locks out momentarily. meaning that you are driving slow and releasing the gas pedal a little bit and just after that put back again. attached are my screenshots and also log file. you can see that when it happens ap drops to 0 at a very short time and then idling starts to lower rpm by retarding the ignition. but then when you put back your foot again, ignition table starts to work and confusion occurs. i think only workaround would be putting a zero to speed lockout but then there is no point of having an idle system since it will be high or floating again at slow speeds. and the questions: is it so that my ignition table and idle ignition table contradicts a lot? might this be the reason? if so would it mean that i should have -15 degrees in ignition table somewhere synced to idle ignition table? and if so is it possible to have this kind of numbers as they will be far far away from the base map. thanks in advance for your support. Log 2019-01-23 7;06;48 pm.llg
  4. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    yes i have made the test. and the figures above are showing the max min volt/lambda. for lambda as i said i considered 10:1 min and 18.5:1 for maximum. these were the values gauge limited to. It showed 10 for rich and "---" for full lean. difference is like 12 vs 12.3 afr. ecu was leaner as far as i remember. sometimes it gets bigger but not above 1 afr. driving and checking at the same time easy so i am not sure on wot differences if any.
  5. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    wasn't it supposed to be matching one to one almost? would it be some grounding problem then? maybe i should try a closed loop lambda and compare it with the gauge.
  6. thanks for the video. OK. let's say you have the default layout and you are on tuning page. in this page you have one settings view which includes tables or parameters etc. to tune from ecu settings. and you have a graph at right. but you can convert it to grid or table anyway. but besides these is there a way to create another view which includes fuel table or ignition etc etc? hope it's more clear.
  7. İs there a way to add a settings view to use to change settings of table etc? There two views in tuning page but I cannot find the way the third one.
  8. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    Here are the results of the test. I still see small differences which are smaller than 1:1 afr but its the maximum point we can reach then.
  9. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    No way to find other values to try? If not, I will try to apply the test soon but is this a restriction: minimum/maximum afr that we can read from gauge will be 10 and 18.5. Is it worth to try anyway since I assume that the sensor is welded to mount from heating up and cooling down for year maybe more and I don't want to break it for this test. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  10. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    sorry i couldn't quite follow. if it's linear then max 4.99 volts would mean 1.96 lambda which is huge. how can i use this info for calibration?
  11. jackpot. it's also gone. i put the spot somewhat richer than it was. thanks
  12. namre

    Idle Problems

    this is solved by turning tp/ap lock out to 1%. when I start to press the gas idle ignition closed automatically.
  13. namre

    Idle Problems

    update: after some research i decided to use idle ignition table at top. the issue was the older idle ignition table was correlated to ap% something and engine speed i guess. i reformatted it according to a 2d idle target error table as below. now it seems more stable. there are no dramatic drops in ac and engine fan. only handicap could be the rpm limit that needs to be 1400. so i need to start driving above that but that's the common way.
  14. namre

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    strange thing is that i see the lambda unit in runtime values rather than voltage. i was not able to change it. i think i cannot calibrate under these conditions.
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