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  1. MattR

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    Thanks Keith. Will this convert the table values as well? Sorry for the noob question
  2. MattR

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    Hi, I've been fortunate enough to have another G4+ user share his tune with me but I'm unsure as to whether the TPS fuel map will be the best option. For background, we are both using the BMW M54B30; however his engine has a set of ITBs from an S50B30 and has intake Vanos enabled - I'm using a intake manifold & throttle body from an M50B25 and have locked both cams at 0º advance. Would a TPS map be appropriate in my application? And if not, how do I go about converting the map for MAP?
  3. MattR

    BMW M54B30 injector latency / dead time

    Looks like I've found what I'm looking for
  4. Hi guys, am having issues with a modified M54B30 running on a G4+ E36 ecu. Engine changes are Vanos delete with cams locked at 0º advance, M50B25 intake, ICV & throttle body, M43B19 VR block mounted type crank sensor, M50B25 intake cam sensor, AFM & charcoal canister delete. Cams & injectors are factory. Am looking for a latency table to suit. So far the only numbers I've come across are here : but I'm not 100% convinced they're accurate. Also, as there are no published values for 7,9,11,13 & 15v I've used the midway point as a guesstimate. Is this regarded as acceptable? Could anyone please share the numbers they've used? This is the first time I've taken on a project like this, your advice & patience are appreciated!