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  1. HI, am running an M54B30 in an E36 on the pnp ecu. The VR type crank sensor has died, and I'm considering reinstating the M54 Hall type CAS. (I have a new m54 one here whereas I need to order a replacement if I stick with the VR) Can I splice into the +5v supply from the TPS or do I have to buy an expansion loom and use the 5v feed from there? Thanks
  2. Final update on this one - took the car out with someone a lot more experienced with Link & tuning than I at the start of last month to iron out the fuel & ignition maps. He managed to get the tune reasonably good in most places, but couldn't fix the lean spike on accel issue, and also was unable to get the idle AFR any leaner than 13:1, we were bottoming out the injector if we tried to remove any more fuel. Compression tested the engine (came back averaging 208psi on all 6 cylinders) so added a vacuum gauge to discover we were only seeing 12 inHg at idle. Analysed a few logs and
  3. MattR

    Master Fuel question

    After changing Master to 14ms as suggested, I've discovered that the data I had re injector cc rating was incorrect. Instead of the 282cc/min I was told it turns out they're more like 236cc/min @ 3 bar. To get my idle closer to 14.7 the fuel table cells are around the 16% mark, which is leaning the engine out to the point of stalling once all warmup enrichments are removed. From what I can tell from the logs the 16% value puts the injector at or very close to below its minimum injection time - would I be increasing the Master to say 16-17 and continue to lean the cell values out until I get 14
  4. Yeah, I understand that the rubbish fuel table isn't helping things. I've been having an issue with Mixture Map not updating after correcting the calibration table for Lambda 1 so have been using Quick trim whilst reviewing logs. As you can imagine I'm not getting the best results as I'm changing a table value based on one sample instead of the aggregate value that mixture map applies.
  5. Looking at some of the logs I'm noticing a slight delay between the TPS moving and a corresponding change in MAP - could this be a contributing factor in the throttle hesitation I'm experiencing? Have bumped Accel Sense up to 70 & Accel Hold to 10 with only a marginal improvement to the issue I'm encountering. Thanks again BMW E36 G4+ M54B30.pclr Log 2018-12-11 6;38;24 pm.llg
  6. MattR

    Quick trim

    I've managed somehow to screw up the settings somehow, for unknown reasons I can't update the map yep, have set the TPS column right beside MGP in logged values for that exact reason
  7. MattR

    Quick trim

    Awesome, thanks
  8. MattR

    Quick trim

    How accurate / reliable is quick trim? I.e if I use a log file from a run, found the nearest recorded rpm & kPa point to a corresponding cell on the fuel table, would that give a reasonably accurate cell calculation? For example 69kPa @ 3903rpm, 15.38 AFR with 14.16 target AFR would the calculated value in the target 4000rpm 70kPa cell be close enough? Or do the rpm & kPa data points need to match the fuel table exactly? I'm having a few difficulties road tuning my car solo, stumbled across the quick trim function while noodling around last night, wondered if this might be t
  9. I did spot CLL was on while trawling through the settings late last night. Have now disabled it until I get my head around whats happening here. Awesome, thanks again!
  10. To the best of my knowledge, yes. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of data around for the OEM M54B30 injectors, but what info I have come across gives me 1.03ms @ 14v, which is what I'm currently using.
  11. Have implemented the changes, and it has made an improvement, though has not eliminated the condition. It does still spike full lean but doesn't seem to stay lean for quite as long. Log 2018-12-1 3;42;34 pm.llg Would increasing the Sensitivity % be of any benefit in this situation? Still trying to figure out how all the enrichment settings work together (slow learner sorry)
  12. Thanks Adam, will give it a go tomorrow
  13. Log attached Friday 22-11.llg
  14. Sorry guys, thought I had attached the log as well - here we go Friday 22-11.llg
  15. Managed to take the car (e36 with M54B30, E36 G4+ plugin) for a coupe of logging runs this weekend, and have noticed that irrespective of engine RPM it goes full lean at low throttle % and also while starting to accelerate. It's making it rather difficult to start to tune the fuel maps - is this likely to be related to the Acceleration enrichment tables? This is my first attempt at tuning an engine, am a little lost as to where to start. It's still running on the basemap E36 tune, excuse the messy state of the current maps. Thanks! BMW E36 G4+ M54B30.pclr
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