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  1. Thank you! ill test the file tomorrow and hopefully it starts(fingers crossed) Did you change anything else in the map? any suggestions on timing? Again thanks for helping me,ill let you know how it goes.
  2. tried to set it to trigger2 cam pulse 1x but no spark.. i now tried all configs above but no spark,i cant adjust trigger offset -72.. it says 35 on mine Runtime values show ignition table 1 active trig1 signal:yes trig2 signal:yes ign angle 13btdc but no start.. how do i set 60-2 trigger? i also talked to a tuner specialist on the phone and he said my dwell angel must also be 2ms 14v?if not ill burn the coils, how do i configure that? when i go ignition main and test it sparks like hell so it have to be a config thats wrong..
  3. yes its a 5cyl engine,1coil pr cyl i have no idea how many teeth the crank has and the cam sensor is just a plate with one notch in it, i also googled and see everybody using 60-2 trigger but i dont understand what that means hehe,iam learning! im gonna try now to set cam pulse 1x and see what happens I found some specs i think is correct: I5 20vt oem triggers: audi 135teeth,sync pulse-cam trigger1- reluctor level 1 trigger2- optical/hall level4 pullup on edge falling trigger offset -72
  4. It is upgraded with latest firmware today if im not mistaken, it was installed on a 3b engine with distributor but now i want to use it on a s6 with aan engine that has g40 cam sprocket sensor insted of distrubitor,the tune and configs thats on the efi now is from the 3b engine and i need the small adjustments to make it work with aan engine. i will get it tuned when i get it started. Thx.
  5. is that all i need to change to get it working? Please if your able to look att the file later to check the general configs that would be great!! ,i have to sleep now before work in 5hours:s but then ill be able to test the engine with the cam pulse 1x,hope it works:) Thank you! how about this is this correct too?
  6. No i dont get rpms while cranking,i also pulled out a spark plug while testing no spark. everything else seems to be working,fuel pump,temp,iat,everything but spark..
  7. Im not sure what you mean, but if you mean the g40 sensor i have one behind the cam sprocket yes ,can it detect trigger 2 automatic? do you mean trigger 2 sync mode? its config is now cam level..i have cam pulse 1x and crank pulse 1x as option to in the same menu. iam sry for not understanding this as well but its my first time trying to set this up,,
  8. Hi I have a vipec v88 that has been used in a 3B S2 and now im trying to use it in my audi urs6 AAN. It wont start and i get no spark, what do i need to do to get spark? im noob with these efi`s..(Edit)- (im guessing trigger? can i upload the map and get help config it?) i can see in the trigger menu there are several options but i dont know what to set them for my AAN. right now its configured for distrubitor and audi 135 thoot,i dont have distrubitor hal sender its from the s2 3b engine config. if someone can help me with the settings for the AAN to fire ill be very gratefull:) ecu backup attached,feel free to look around ore modify. v88 backup 12.8.18.pcl
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