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  1. Bke36

    Issue setting base timing

    Ok. I will try again today and let you know the results. Thank you for your help I greatly appreciate it.
  2. Bke36

    Issue setting base timing

    Yes I'm quite sure but I will try again next time I have a minute. Is there a procedure to lock timing at a certain degree to test for accurate ignition timing? I remember having to do this with the ms3pro
  3. Bke36

    Issue setting base timing

    Heres a trigger log I took a few days ago Trigger Scope Log 2018-09-14 11;50;50 pm.llg
  4. Bke36

    Issue setting base timing

    I made sure to hit enter after making the changes but I wasn't aware that I needed to sync triggers. This is my first experience with link so I'm going off the manual and using the f1 function along the way. How would I go about syncing triggers? I don't recall seeing that in the manual.
  5. I have a link plugin ecu on my BMW e36 drag car and I'm having an issue setting base ignition timing. With timing locked to 0 degrees I'm still seeing 20 degrees of advance (verified with a timing light). I have played with the trigger angle up and down but timing doesn't seem to move any. It won't move from 20 degrees even when free revving to about 4k rpm. I also get a fault code that says max advance reached. Has anyone else ran into this issue and if so what was your fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Switch the gauge in pc link from map to mgp and you should see what you're expecting to see I had the same issue (or so I thought it was an issue)
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