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  1. Nickr32

    V88 RB25 Skyline Idle hold issue

    Simon thank you very much for your help. As i was getting the logs of issue, i adjusted the max clamp % from the setting of 95% down to 89% and the idle now holds for a second or so to slow the drop and all is fixed Thank you again
  2. Nickr32

    V88 RB25 Skyline Idle hold issue

    Will get required logs and tune for you tomorrow sometime. Thanks
  3. I am running a v88 in my R32 RB25 skyline. Running a non factory plenum with a adapter ca18 idle speed motor. It idles without much issue when cold and warm. The issue i have is when the rpm goes above 2100 rpm, when i back off it will hold that for 8 seconds then return to idle. If i free rev it still holds the 2100 area. In the idle status section in runtime values it will show IDLE HOLD TIME whilst at 2100. In the link software i can find adjustment portion for it but no where in the VIPEC software. Where is it hidden or is there no adjustment??