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  1. flipski

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    don't double click on the folder, it is a feature that adds all parameters under that folder, just click once to expand , then select the one you want.
  2. flipski

    nissan vq35de

    Many Thanks for your reply!
  3. flipski

    nissan vq35de

    Thank you very much! I will try to play with VE tuning this winter. I did run a track event last weekend with the G4+, I was able to tweak my fuel and throttle after a mostly street tune and my engine didn't go KABOOM. One last thing, what about Short pulse adder ? they are all zeros...
  4. flipski

    nissan vq35de

    Where would 1 person find all the specs of oem injectors, oem coil pack, fuel pump , etc.. etc... to start tuning VE on a VQ35DE ? Thanks.
  5. flipski

    0.18 hertz lambda oscillations

    The ECU is grounded at the IPDM box ( basically a ignition relay box), this common ground is directly connected to the battery , engine block is grounded at the battery terminal directly. The LC2 states to ground the controller to the battery. which I did. I guess I should not connect that ground to the sensor ground on the internal aux port, is this correct ? AS far as sensor reading, I forgot that my original downstream o2 were still connected to AN 10 and 11. I am getting the same pulse on the left bank which makes me think this is mechanical. I'll investigate the vvt and see if that changes. Thank you for the lead. it looks like they have about the same pulse frequency.
  6. flipski

    0.18 hertz lambda oscillations

    yep, it is a lc2. I grounded the lc2 to the battery directly and joined the ground to the ecu sensor ground. will try a digital readout from the LC2 and see if it fluctuates. I am puzzled because it only happens in a few cells below 2krpm , I am showing a "steady" afr after that. Thank you.
  7. flipski

    0.18 hertz lambda oscillations

    I am trying to stabilize my fuel in some cells and cannot figure out some oscillations in AFR values that happens at a very specific frequency. Every 5.5s , it looks like my AFR gets rich and drop by 1point. The only input that fluctuate is the MAP , going from 4.2 to 4.4 for a very short instant and thus changing the Inj PW actual time by a few microseconds but I doubt this would create such dip in the AFR readings. Nobody has any idea where that could come from ? I don't have a fuel pressure gauge and didn't want to invest in 1 , just yet ! all fuel corrections are turned off. I've attached my logs and tune file. Thank you. 1500rpm.llg 350z.pclr
  8. flipski

    S54 TPS issues

    Have you tried the "E throttle target" table and update the axis to use the input you want ?
  9. flipski

    350z timing question

    I think I did. First Dyno session results come up to 247whp/232ft.lbs on a SAE Corrected dynojet. I am pretty happy as I am just right at OEM outputs now but I am gaining a more linear throttle response down low which was my first goal.
  10. flipski

    Aem uego wideband

    1st , I wouldn't ground the wideband on the ECU. ground it to the battery. 2nd, have you tried F12 to see if the analog voltage are changing on your Analog input 6 ? instead of just looking at lambda ? You might have a wiring issue or the aem needs to be configured.
  11. flipski

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess this should be part of another thread.
  12. flipski

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    FYI, in future release, could you please update the basemaps for nissan 350z IAT fuel trim table. Sorry if I posted in wrong thread.
  13. flipski

    Innovate LC2 calibration on cal table 1???

    It should have the same controller but the mtx is inside the gauge itself. Are the reading way off ? Are you sure you are using the right analog out ? Innovate is known to document the wrong color for each output. I'll also verify the analog out is set properly in Logworks.
  14. flipski

    Innovate LC2 calibration on cal table 1???

    Why not use the Innovate LC1 Calibration table. They are the same as the LC2 Analog output per the documentation.
  15. flipski

    350z timing question

    I put a lead between the coil and the plug. just wanted to grab the latency of the coil too. but taking it from the wire to the coil gives me very close readings too. it is almost like the coil have a very small latency.