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  1. Perfect, thanks Adam I'll give it a crack and will let you know if there are any dramas at 'fire up' time.
  2. Sorry, i'm dumb. The water temp sensors are in the side of the head....all good there. Looking more into it, i'm assuming you're talking about pin 11 on the plug that connects to the ecu yeah? Not hacking into the connectors on the ecu itself right? Sorry about the stupid questions.
  3. Q1 - Cool, any idea which that is on the E36? Possibly the one that hooks into the side of the radiator, but I now have a Mishimoto radiator that I don't think allows for that sensor to be connected, i'll have to check that! Q2 - So does this mean I need to patch into Pin 7 on the plug that connects into the ECU?
  4. Hey guys, i'm finally up to the electronic part of my turbo build E36 325i vanos. I have a Link G4+ PnP M50B25TU ecu and also have the expansion kit. I basically have a number of sensors etc I need to wire up and I have very very limited electrical know how. I need to wire up the following sensors, and any advise I can be given on what to hook them into would be great as I know there are limited spots on the expansion harness as well. * Wideband - AEM Wideband Gauge Kit 30-4110 (Connects into a gauge, but has a single signal cable that can be hooked into the ECU) * Oil pressure sensor - Generic brand with 3 wires (Grnd, 5v & signal) * Water temp sensor - AEM Water Temp Sensor - 30-2012 (Grnd, 5v) * Boost solenoid - AEM 30-2400 (claims it needs switched 12v and the 2nd wire claims to have to go to the AEM EMS’s PW2 output...whatever that is) * Air temp sensor - AEM Air Temp Sensor - 30-2010 (May not actually need this as I believe I have an air temp sensor in the intake manifold as stock....please confirm). So as you can see i'm in a bit of a quandary. I believe I know how to wire up the oil pressure sensor based on another post I read, however if I use the Gnd, +5v and Volt 2 outputs on the expansion kit, I don't have a hell of a lot of outputs left to connect everything else to. Any thoughts or assistance would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  5. haha, just me or is drilling a hole easier than extending your whole exhaust by what looks to be about 25mm which could push all your mounting points out of whack etc...drilling a hole seems the easiest option tbh
  6. Good stuff, thanks Adam. I'll let you know if i have any major issues
  7. Perfect thanks Adam. I can pick it up from an Aussie distributor for the same price if not a little cheaper, so should receive it quick enough. Is the expansion harness part of the ecu or is it a seperate adapter harness i need to buy? If so, can you link me to it?
  8. Hi Guys, i'm in the process of deciding which Wideband sensor and Lambda controller to buy and read a previous post in the G4 forum saying the Spartan 2 controller was a good budget option. At under $200AUD delivered it sounds like the way to go. Does anyone know if it will connect fine into the E36 PNP ECU for the M50TU motor? I figured if it connects into the G4, it should connect into the G4 plus. But wanted to confirm this before I bite the bullet and purchase the ECU and wideband for my turbo build. Sensor and controller: https://www.14point7.com/products/spartan-lambda-controller-2 Thanks in advance. (Pic of my track rat for attention :))
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