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  1. haha, just me or is drilling a hole easier than extending your whole exhaust by what looks to be about 25mm which could push all your mounting points out of whack etc...drilling a hole seems the easiest option tbh
  2. Good stuff, thanks Adam. I'll let you know if i have any major issues
  3. Perfect thanks Adam. I can pick it up from an Aussie distributor for the same price if not a little cheaper, so should receive it quick enough. Is the expansion harness part of the ecu or is it a seperate adapter harness i need to buy? If so, can you link me to it?
  4. Hi Guys, i'm in the process of deciding which Wideband sensor and Lambda controller to buy and read a previous post in the G4 forum saying the Spartan 2 controller was a good budget option. At under $200AUD delivered it sounds like the way to go. Does anyone know if it will connect fine into the E36 PNP ECU for the M50TU motor? I figured if it connects into the G4, it should connect into the G4 plus. But wanted to confirm this before I bite the bullet and purchase the ECU and wideband for my turbo build. Sensor and controller: https://www.14point7.com/products/spartan-lambda-controller-2 Thanks in advance. (Pic of my track rat for attention :))
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