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  1. Turbohead

    Temp signal issue

    Thanks Adam, I will try that. Ducie54 thanks for the reply, i bought the wiring loom together with the M&W cdi package from T1racedevelopments, the loom looks to be proffesional and is made as described in M&W instructions with twisted wires etc. I had extensive email exchange with M&W and tried ll their tests. One thing i have noticed with the previous ecu when i used HT leads and spark plugs with resistance i had a better situation however at high boost high rpm the problem was still present. When i would used no resistance HT cables and spark plugs the issue would apear as soon as engine speed would reach 1800rpm!
  2. Turbohead

    Temp signal issue

    Thanks for the reply! I think the problem has to do with EMI as it happens at high load in 4th gear. I managed to reproduce the issue and made some more logs (See attached) with different boost levels, the higher the MAP the earlier in the engine speed this problem occurs. At 3 bar boost (MAP reads upto 2.5) EMI apears at 5000rpm, at 1.8 bar boost EMI appears at 7200rpm.... Anyone had EMI issue before? I suspect the M&W CDI ignition sstem could be causing this? I am attaching a photo of the engine where coils can be seen, can their location cause this issue? All ECU grounds as well as ground for M&W coils are connected to the engine head, the engine is properly connected/earthed to the chassis. Battery is in te back properly connected to the chassis. The reason wh we switched to LINK ECU is because we were having issues with EMI interference and were hoping that LINK will be the cure Thanks for the comments related to idle and injectors, this will be fixed with more breakpoints and injectors will be scaled to allow lower numbers in te VE map, I have Siemens 2200lbs injectors in a 2 litre engine so had to temporaril trim settings to make them work at idle. Please help emi 2.1 barboost.llg EMI 2.2bar boost.llg emi 1.8 bar boost.llg
  3. Turbohead

    Gear shift status

    Great piece of information, I will try that. Thanks
  4. Turbohead

    Temp signal issue

    Having some weird short IAT and ECT spikes, i couldnt identify the cause based on the log, please see attached! What could be causing this issue? Ernest loss of temp sensore.llg
  5. Turbohead

    Gear shift status

    I want to use Gear Shift Status channel as an input to a virtual aux. In PC Link help failed to identify numeric values corresponding to different states this channel can display (like Speed Lockout, RPM Low Lockout...). Could you give an example of activating virtual aux during shifts, i.e. between Start and End Shift (on sequential gearbox with Start Shift Mode being "Gear Lever Force" and End Shift Mode being "Gear Barrel Position")?
  6. Thank you for the reply. Concerning your comment on n=38 tooth pulley - I assumed that engine position arithmetics was done with at least 32 bit fixed or even floating point numbers, making any precision loss by non-integer divide of 360 by n insignificant... At the end, 360 degrees in a full circle is just a number chosen by convention, not really any physical background to it... Am I missing something here?
  7. Hello, We noticed that RPM is fluctuating in our Thunder ECU during all conditions. Attached are a log and the calibration as well as a trigger scope capture. Quick help with this issue would be very much appreciated as we soon have a race and would like to get the calibration done in time! Regards, Ernest sep27.pclr Log 2018-09-26 6;14;32 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2018-09-27 1;20;12 pm.llg
  8. Trying to setup siemens deka 220lbs injectors on thunder, anyone has the deadtimes and other injector data which is required? Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you for the quick reply Adam, we already scope tested the setup with GS100502 on the bench (slow speed) and the signal was satisfying. We will see how it performs in reality and report back for future reference. Regards, Ernest
  10. Hi, We are working on traction control setup for a drag car, planning to use OEM ABS wheel hub 48 tooth strips to trigger GS100502 hall effect sensors for wheel speed. Anyone knows will this work on Thunder ECU (when sensors connected to 6.5khz DI channels)? Thanks, Ernest
  11. Just a quick update, engine started after i swapped ID2000 injectors which were used for only 2 months (they appear to be seized), with 25 years old 270cc weber injectors! Anyone has any idea how could those injectors seize? The engine ran on e85 for 2 months and paused for 10 months, i thought ID injectors are e85 compatible?!?! Looking foward to learning and tuning this ECU, very satisfied with it so far!
  12. Adam thank you very much for the quick reply and the suggestions! The engine is a Lancia Delta integrale prepared for drag racing. We used the balancershaft pulley (balancer shafts removed) for crank trigger and it had 38 teeth. It was more convenient for us to use that than to make a custom trigger wheel due to space constraints on the pulley side. I will try the suggestions you gave and report back. Thanks again for your help! Ernest
  13. Hi, New to Link (Thunder ecu) and to the forum, slowly getting familiar with this great hardware and software! I am having issues starting the engine using modeled fueling mode and Ethrottle (zero experience with both), the engine doesnt give any sign that it wants to start, i think the issue is with fueling. I dont think its a trigger issue as i have set trigger offset to a value where the timing light shows spark at about 10 deegrees btdc while cranking I am posting the calibration and a log while cranking hope someone can help me find the issue. Also adding a photo of the trigger scope, trigger wheel is 38 -1. Thanks, Ernest Delta base.pclr Log 2018-08-25 10_04_15 pm.llg
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