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  1. Mark 1

    Co2 boost control

    ok sounds like it is possible to some degree. looking at other platforms they have specific co2 settings and the ecu controls two mac valves via feedback from a pressure sensor in the top of the wastegate. I want to be able to run a low pound spring and ramp the boost right up on a time base for drag racing.
  2. Co2 boost control??
  3. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    ok diddnt think it would be that easy. did you have a look at the logs I uploaded?
  4. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    I see that the rotary option in launch control cuts both spark and fuel is it worth trying it in that mode? if it would work and not hurt anything. If it was charge robbing could that eliminate the back fires?
  5. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    Done a few logs today. tried a few things to no avail. managed to minimise the backfires a bit as per the first log. launch 2.llg launch 3.llg launch1.llg
  6. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    Yep not sure either. had a quick muck around with it tonight. Changed it to load= map and all I had to do to make it happy was change the master fuel up. it has to go back on a dyno so will get it tuned properly when it does. Ill leave it off for the time being and do some logs in the weekend. On a separate issue I downloaded the latest PC link version but when I connected to the ECU it shut it down and had a warning that the ecu is locked and to contact link for a code. I had to down load the previous version to be able to connect again.
  7. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    ok ill change start cut and also do full log next time I have it out. As for the Load set to off. When it was first tuned the tuner turned it to map and it run rough and was all over the fuel table so he turned it back off. and tuned from there. It was a link dealer that tuned it so I never gave it another thought. Is it something that needs addressing? Thanks
  8. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    Heres a log and map. map is still a work in progress. the last log is the best ive managed to get it. When I first started setting up launch I had it on spark cut and even then I used to get the odd inlet back fire. same if I hit any hard Limits it inlet back fires. V8.pclr launch.llg
  9. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    Yep it’s sequential. Manifold is a open plane edelbrock victor jnr. Like a carb manifold in design. I thought I did upload map and a log. I’ll have to have another go tonight. I was wondering if it might be lean due to the main map. Obviously it’s never been tuned at that lower revs at that higher boost. But chucking in 50% extra fuel should of helped that
  10. Mark 1

    Launch Control Help

    I'm having trouble with backfiring though the intake when using launch control. its set up using fuel cut on a turbo V8 with no trans brake so can only hold on the foot brake at around 2500rpm. It starts backfiring as soon as the boost starts building. I've tried adding fuel up to the max of 50%. Might need main table adjusting for more?? at the moment im pulling timing down to 7 deg. adjusting it doesn't seem to make much difference. The fuel cut limits all over the place. could be a result of the backfiring or maybe the backfirings a result of unstable limit?? Bit unsure of what direction to head
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