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  1. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    Made the suggested changes to the Fuel table axis, load source set to MAP and open loop Lambda table turned on (still can't open the help file for it though) I had some ramp-run dyno graphs from last year with the factory ECU and... 6,000rpm - 50ft/lbs torque 11,000rpm - 135ft/lbs torque So I multiplied the 11k column by 2.7 and interpolated between the known good 6,000 and the fat 11,000 Sure made a funny looking fuel map but I guess once back on the dyno it will take shape from there. (tough getting dyno time in a town with 1 dyno at Christmas when everyone gets their bike out of the shed)
  2. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    Well that answers that then! I should have the table roughed-out and back on the dyno in a week odd to start some ramp runs into the "unknown". Thanks Adam, MAP it is.
  3. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    While I have large camshafts I think my MAP looks pretty stable. At which point would it look unstable (mostly at idle?) and how much change are we talking about? Attached is a log of idle, 4000rpm load, and idle again. MAP seems to be following TPS and would have guessed I shouldn't need BAP/MAP crossover? log20181116-4k-b-load-fuel-tune.llg
  4. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    Makes sense, I'll do that. It's already non-linear in the tiny openings and as you said, not much changes after 30% I have some old ramp runs done on this engine with the factory ECU so I'll use those to build the direction. Ta, great tip that increase is proportional to torque. I should be able to guess the peak torque area values and then fill-in the blanks. I'll spend a bit of time getting that to make sense. Yes, and this one has a bigger supercharger in it. Currently set to: Load=BAP/MAP Xover. I'll change it. Current Fuel Equation Mode = traditional. Current Open Loop Lambda Table = off The Help Browser for Open Loop Lambda Table shows "Can't Reach this page error" so I had left it off. Can't find it in the search function of the help file either. I'll turn it on. Currently set to: MGP Thanks for the guidance Adam.
  5. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    anyone got an opinion?
  6. ayjayef

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    Spent the day on the dyno and got some good load numbers in the Fuel Table. I'm not sure I "trust" the 1500 column as it looks too fat and the dyno cavitated a lot at everything under 2000rpm The 6 cells in 0%-2.5% TPS and 1000-2000rpm is the idle window, intentionally leaner than the rest of the table. I'll be back at the dyno to do some pulls into the higher rev ranges but it would be good to have something sensible in there so I'm only tweaking AFR's instead of running a super lean plasma cutter. So questions are: 1: Under 6000 rpm - do I highlight a few known good cells and extrapolate left to fill-in the missing areas I couldn't load tune? 2: Higher than 6000 rpm - extrapoate right or should I make some guesses in the 14000-15000 columns and interpolate between them and the known good? Interested to hear people's thoughts. Andy. 2017 Kawasaki H2-014.pclr
  7. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    Good to hear I'm not the only one ever to be confused with that. Even knowing to imagine another wave in the missing teeth gap makes my brain hurt. I can see it sometimes. That fixed it! Was 245deg and now -119deg offset (after a 4deg timing light adjustment). Trigger scope during idle looks good and NO TRIGGER ERRORS! Starts easy now, timing is steady, idle is good. Now we can actually start tuning. Thanks for your patience and odd hours troubleshooting! Log 2018-11-12 9;11;38 pm-idle.llg Trigger Scope Log 2018-11-12 9;08;33 pm-idle.llg
  8. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    okay, so not a win (yet) grounded both the triggers shielding to Link A7 and swapped the polarity of cam trigger 2 Can't even start it now. Voltages on the "cranking" trigger scope attached here are really low so I reverted the arming threshold to the original numbers which might still be too high for this low a signal? Is trigger 1 the right polarity? It looks the wrong way around on both these logs too but it depends if the first drop low is the right signal (i'm getting confused!) Trigger Scope Log 2018-11-11 8;36;09 pm-cranking.llg
  9. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    Good one. thanks heaps Adam and Steve.
  10. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    I totally missed that help page, perfectly clear now. (it's an amazingly great help file) Bike will rev to 14000 odd so in the sample above the 5000,6000,7000 with the same values will extrapolate to the same value through the whole rev range. Is there a need to expand that table to cover the higher RPM's? (or do I wait to see trigger errors higher before guesstimating?)
  11. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    Yes, not connected to anything. Connect to ECU? Do you mean ground/earth it to the chassis or connect it to Link A7 "shield/Gnd" where these two sensor grounds terminate?
  12. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    Wrong polarity? It's the same as Kawasaki already had but I'll change it and see. Yes, trigger scope was at idle. What sort of bump are you thinking? It's currently 0.75V at that RPM for both trigger 1 and 2.
  13. ayjayef

    Trigger Errors - troubleshooting?

    So... it appears that most of my rough idle grief is trigger errors. They were only intermittent but on last 1/4 of the attached log they are pretty constant at one a second or more. I tried to catch one using the trigger scope but don't think I did. It's attached here anyway. I'm using double shielded (braided and foil) 2 core microphone wire for both the crank and the cam sensors direct to the ECU (not through the factory loom) so I would hope it's not noise. The shielded wire is near full length except for a couple of inches at the sensors and about 6 inches from the Link A plug. Not a lot of choice where they run but there is nothing really near them. Questions: Can I tell if its the crank or cam sensor or are both lumped together in the "trigger 1 error counter"? (I can't find trigger 2 error to log) Do I need to ground the shielding at one end, both ends or not needed? (currently not grounded) Can I find more info on what the errors are? 2017 Kawasaki H2-008.pclr Log 2018-11-10 7;32;31 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2018-11-10 7;32;04 pm.llg
  14. ayjayef

    Obd2 Bluetooth Reader and Torque App?

    I can't help with Kiwi4 but I've played around with quite a few ODB2 bluetooth devices in the past including the Kiwi3. The gotcha with the Kiwi3 is that it used "low energy bluetooth" which isn't compatible with everything (which is why some of the other threads talk about working on this device but not that). Seems someone in their wisdom took a working bluetooth spec and split it into a few different versions that don't work with each other. Cheap ebay Chinese ODB-II devices are hit and miss and I've had a really good one that worked till it randomly stopped. Don't know where on the planet you are but in AU/NZ the Jaycar ones work well on everything I've tried them on without lag. https://www.jaycar.com.au/obd-ii-engine-code-reader-with-bluetooth-technology/p/PP2145 ...and they have a good return policy if for some reason it doesn't work on your setup. They also sell a wireless one that I've not tried but it might suit your setup better if you are using a external GPS or another device on bluetooth at hte same time. A bit off topic but Race Chrono is a killer app for ODB-II bluetooth. Race track video with odb-ii data overlay, lots of tracks in there or you can mark-out your own. You will get best results using a higher frequency external GPS (10hz) as phones typically use a 1Hz GPS.
  15. ayjayef

    Master Fuel - math check please.

    That makes sense, ta. Bingo! Yes, I had to near double his crank enrichment numbers to get it cold started. Now I know that's some sort of "normal" I'll be less worried about how much fuel I dump in there. Thanks Adam.