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  1. I am using a distributed system on a gen2 3SGTE so I have set it up according to the help file. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YmBNyWW3KiAT8Qea9 Thank you for the clear explanation! Cameron
  2. Hello, I've been logging different values with 4d ignition trim and other ignition trims active. Comparing "ignition table" values to the "ignition angle" value, I can see how all of the trims affect the "Ignition Angle" But with the "Knk I-Trim" I can see that value change but it doesn't change the "Ignition Angle" value. Is this correct or does this mean my knock trim isn't functioning? If it is normal is there a value that shows the final ignition angle applied to the engine? Thanks, Cameron knock i trim example (2).llghere is a small log that shows knock trim without affecting the ignition angle value.
  3. I used a Dell Venue 8 pro tablet that supports OTG charging with a special cable. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00LTHBCNM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_DD18CbYCQ9HWM Only certain tablets support OTG charging so that needs to be confirmed before buying a tablet.
  4. pin 42 for knock sensor input pin 46 for ground wire and shield ground. only ground one end of the shielding and make sure its connected to the pin or it may pick up more interference.
  5. Ok, I will get an expansion connector and some external pullup resistors so I can add the extra sensors I need. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm looking at adding an oil temp sensor to my Link ECU, it it the MR2Link PNP V3 ST205 version. In the ecu settings I have used an temp 1-3 for ECT and 2 IAT inputs one pre and one post intercooler. I would like to add oil temp as well. I see AN-Temp 4 is unused Looking at the pinout information for the ecu, I am unable to find An-Temp 4 on the main plugs or any of the expansion connectors. Does it exist? Also if I wanted to add a fuel temp sensor later would it be possible or would i have to replace one of my IAT Sensors? Thanks, Cameron
  7. Hi Adam, Yes I installed the 5.6.6 pclink today. No worries, it seems to be a minor issue as it only happens under those rare conditions. If I put 1% in my charge correction table in place of 0 will that be a temporary solution also? Thanks, Cameron
  8. Hi Adam, I've downloaded the updated PClink software, and the firmware that you have sent me. When I select the firmware after clicking browse I get this error. Firmware block size did not match file. I redownload the file from your link and got the same error again. Thanks, Cameron
  9. Hi Adam I appreciate your quick solution and clear explanation. I will update the firmware and let you know if I have any more issues. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am tuning a 3sgte with a link G4+ Extreme PNP. I am having a weird issue that happens occasionally, at the moment it only seems to happen on the first pull after warming up the engine, when the intake temps are still cold. during the pull i could feel it sharply lose power a couple times in quick succession. Checking the logs showed the Injector duty cycle dropping sharply a couple times. the first drop seems to be from the accel enrichment turning off, but the second drop I can't figure out what is causing it. I noticed that when the Duty cycle drops the second time I've noticed the "Air per cylinder Estimate" drops by half; the same as the injector dc. as far as I know that is calculated from the IAT and MAP, during this period those 2 values are consistent. Is there another value that could be affecting it? Maybe there is something else obvious that I am overlooking. I have attached the log file as well as my tune file. Thanks, Cameron weird fuel issue cold pull.llg WIP Roadtune 3SGTE.pclr
  11. Ah yes that is a good point. I have run some braided ss fuel line from the rail and mounted the sensor to the chassis to isolate it from vibrations and hopefully that will reduce the chance of it failing again. I will be keeping an eye on the readings and maybe figure out some kind of safeguard to implement. Thanks, Cameron
  12. Yes that is correct, I did have it set to map references when I was having issues with the sensor. @motomattx what is not to trust about the setup? I have verified the pressure with a manual gauge and now have the sensor installed and it is reading the correct pressure. I am running the stock 1:1 rising rate regulator with a bored out fuel rail and 540cc injectors on a 3SGTE. I have a Walbro 250 for my fuel pump and wired the OEM fuel pump resistor to be switched by the ECU. I was having issues with fuel temp as well as fuel pressure being too high at idle and cruise. With the fuel pressure sensor installed now, I have been able to correctly set the resistor crossover point based off the injector pulse width. With the reduced flow at idle and cruise and additional heat shielding around the fuel delivery components I have greatly reduced the issues I was having that I attributed to fuel temp. And yes once I confirmed the replacement sensor was working properly I switched the ecu to FP Sensor in the fuel config and re-tuned the fuel map. Also, since iI do not currently have a fuel temp sensor, if the fuel temp increases enough to lower the pressure in the rail, the ecu will be able to at least partially compensate for that before closed loop lambda corrects the difference. Thanks, Cameron
  13. It was a faulty sensor, AEM replaced it under warranty and everything is working correctly now.
  14. The issue seemed to be getting worse, the sensor used to read normal after first start in the morning until about 30 minutes of driving, but today it didnt read correct at any point. I've removed the sensor now while logging and it still shows 55 psi, if I unplug it the reading drops to 0 and plugging it back in it spikes to 55psi again, so it seems that the sensor is the issue. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, I'll be trying a new sensor when I can and I'll report back if I have any more issues!
  15. This photo shows when the manifold pressure is high enough and the true fuel pressure rises above the sensor reading it does track the fuel pressure change. But the fuel pressure sensor wont read below the level it rose to. Here is my tune file https://drive.google.com/open?id=11MN5eOtoGlmcGjYPoq5eDKvGpMTDPsmx Here is the Log from the most recent screenshot https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iB1gyl1of2LDCfKXT0W6wybrZRP3wEBa Thanks
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