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  1. bocia79

    Gdi spill valve energized +5v

    Thanks so much for your clarification about wiring. I apologize to the whole forum for the many questions on this topic, but I would like to avoid damages for my stupid mistakel
  2. bocia79

    Gdi spill valve energized +5v

    Thanks for your reply. I attach one page of workshop manual. Where I found thath is energized by +5v. I connect only "A" probe to ground side of spill valve and ground of the probe in engine ground. Is better to use 2 probes and A-B function?
  3. bocia79

    Gdi spill valve energized +5v

    Hello. I'm a newbie of this forum, of link ecu and also in gdi mapping and wiring. My name's Giorgio and I'm from Italy. I'm going to install force gdi in a suzuki boosterjet 1.0 3 cyl. In wiring of ecu at the moment I have only one problem. In oem ecu spill valve is energized directly by ecu at +5v. Spill valve have resistence 0, 7 Ohm, so I can't energize spill valve by +5 of ecu (that is only for sensors vref and I think has no many current to drive spill valve ). In attachment some scope of oem spill valve's control signal. What do you think about? I can make some +5v adapter by tension limiter (like 7805). Is a good choice? Thanks a lot.