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  1. Jumper fitted, tacho works well. Thanks
  2. thanks for your reply. In my car there are no igniter module, but ecu drive directly 2 coils. In any case there is a tacho signal in oem ecu, but i think is a feedback signal from coils to ecu. Is right? Jumper add pullup in my wire to tacho? In attachment schematic mx5 schematic.pdf you say this ?
  3. edit: i find that my mx5 has only FAN1
  4. Hello, i received today my mx5 pnp. My car is a mazda na '94 1.8l bp na engine totally stock. I've used internal map and stock iat. Car started at first attemp, i've only 2 problem: tachometer don't works, and if I change status of "key on sweep" i ear some relay that "knock" Fan 1 works perferctly but FAN 2 and FAN 3 don't works, also if I change status in "TEST ON" . in attachment my basemap. Thanks a lot any aid is very appreciated. Mazda MX5 giorgio.pclr
  5. Hello, after a good experience in g4+ gdi for swift 1.0 boosterjet i'm looking for best link ecu solution for a rally car Suzuki swift sport. I see in pclink that trigger, vvt and ethrottle are ok for my engine, but my question is if somebody have installed link ecu in standard loom, because car has keyless button and i'm little bit scared of this. My car feature is: stock engine (compusory for FIA rules) stock engine wiring loom (is not compulsory but if i can save it I prefer for all cars users for example cluster, steering etc. ) sequential gearbox and i need upshift and why not blipping function. I think best ecu for my application is Fury. Thanks a lot for your help. Giorgio
  6. Thanks Adam. The engine run ok, only this wiring error and sometimes triggers error when engine stop.
  7. Hi Clint, my engine's right firing order is 132 and in my basemap is 132 (maybe I uploaded an older basemap version). If in masemap I put 123 fire only first cylinder.
  8. hello. I've some problem to wiring error in my suzuki's 3 cyl engine (firing order 1-3-2) reading instruction normally i need to connect like this cyl1 1a 1+ cyl2 1b 1+ cyl3 2a 2+ with this configuration in injector testing are powered by this table: inj test#1 -->cyl 1 inj test#2 --> nothing inj test#3 -->cyl 2 inj test#4 -->cyl 3 If I start engine with this configuration fire only cyl 1 and 3 and i have wiring fault 2A-2B active If i connect by this table: cyl1 1a 1+ cyl2 2b 2+ cyl3 2a 2+ in injector testing all works fine and in engine fire all cylinders, but i still have in red wiring fault 1a-1b and 2a-2b. What's wrong ? Thanks log with inj 1b @ in cyl2.llg log with inj2b @ in cyl2.llg Suzuki swift 1.0 turbo G4+ Force GDI Start Up Map.pclr
  9. bocia79


    Hello. I'm trying tomapping my first link ecu. I can say that it's a very complet product and technical assistance is very fast reliable and friendly. I live in Italy and for me is easiest to talk with link's assistance instead Magneti Marelli or Mectronic. I saw for your car there are many basemap.
  10. I've started engine and confirm that g4+ gdi controller connected like manual explain works well, also if oem controller signal is too different. Many thanks to all forum's member.
  11. Ok now I understand... I've mark only for zero. So I write zero to first field and change second field to obtain right timing with timing light.
  12. With advice of Techdave I've succesfull start the engine but only one cylinder firing. I've some problem to calibrate trigger. With ignition fixed to 30 btdc I read 40/50 degrees after 0 timing reference (I make mistakes?) . Others TDC are calculated automatically?
  13. Hello! I try many times today to start the engine but don't start. I have many trigger errors when I leave supply to starter motor.
  14. hello Adam and TechDave. Thank you! I've found my error in trigger setup, now it's correct, and like Adam wrote, now gdi controller works without error. Now i will refine map beacuse many things are still wip. If you have some suggestion you are welcome. Every times i leave cranking trigger error counter add +1 is normal? Thanks a lot. start attempt 2.llg
  15. Hello Adam, thanks for your precious reply. In 1h I can send trigger scope. Unfortunately we are moved 12h from you and when we sleep you work. Write you soon.
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