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  1. That make sense! AEM pressure sensor datasheet start from 100 kPa. Wrong information from that sensor will be cooked into fuel calibration. Thanks Adam, I'll do another tune and report result in the near future.
  2. Hello team, I just upgrade my fuel injector to ID 1050x. But after doing a tune, my fuel table have high VE number (higher than normal condition I think). I am concerned about high boost area will beyond the VE set range. Car is 2003 Impreza WRX STI EDM. Currently I’m using Link G4+(WRX7-9) ecu, modelled fuel mode. Base fuel pressure is 300 kPa(43.5 psi). And I have fuel pressure sensor on my fuel pressure regulator. Due to IAT sensor is locate on intake manifold so I’m using IAT Trim table to correct heat soak problem (only in high IAT and low TP area). I know Link modelled fuel mode need accurate injector data. All data came from ID Plug n’ Play Data so I think it might not be problem? Or maybe I am overlooking some other details? My ecu set and log is attached. Looking for some advice, and any option is appreciated! Modelled Fuel Mode Tune.pclr City Cruise.llg
  3. Thanks Adam, my tacho is working as normal now. But there is one thing that I can't figure out. According help file, Ign 5 should be on Expension 2. Does this ECU has multiple pinout mode?
  4. Hello team, I was configuring my g4+ pnp last week. Tried to connect AEM x-series wideband to ecu(through CAN). Everything is good at first, than suddenly I lost my tacho signal. It was strange because ecu still have normal rpm signal. Only instrument cluster and hks evc(can read TPS) lost it. Here is my troubleshooting attempt: 1.Restart engine 2.Restart aux function 4 (tacho) 3.Adjust tacho duty cycle (25% and 75%) 4.Reload base map 5.Downgrade firmware But I have no luck to solve this problem. If I change back to OEM ecu than cluster and evc will back online, so it shouldn’t be a wiring problem. Do I have something else worth to try? Any help will be appreciated. Car:2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STI EDM ECU:G4+ WRXLINK 7-9 PNP
  5. ECU worked properly now after I changed the jumper to WRX mode. All system seems good. I didn't notice jumper part at first. Anyway, thanks for the help Adam.
  6. Hello guys, I am running new G4+ WRXLink (7-9) plug n play ecu on my 2004 STI. But no matter what i'm trying, ECU still cannot connect my pclink software. It just tell me "unable to connect to ecu, but usb connection is present". Current my laptop have win10 os, pclink, and my ECU PCB is v1.5. All driver set and device manager show no warning sign. Really frustrating and looking for some help. Any guidance will be appreciated. Bruce
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