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    Hi i cant have knock sensor right now sow what is ignition timing for 1 bar of boost in 4efte using stock turbo and intercoolers with 93 octane and if i changed the turbo to gt20 should i retard the timing or leave it the same and if i should change what it will be
  2. How can i make lunch control in link g4 atom? there as any way or trick?
  3. thanks your assistance is deeply appreciated
  4. i have Toyota Starlet Turbo and i want a base map can any one help me my email is us3bowd@gmail.com
  5. how can i know the maximum ignition can i use in full throttle because i don't have knock sensor the engine:TB48DE 99.5mm bore, 102mm stroke and double overhead camshaf max spark for NA and forced induction?
  6. can i have your tune file?
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