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    G4+ on Nissan 350z

    I dont know the cabin wire harness as well as I know the engine bay harness but I am fairly certain the oil pressure sensor does not funnel through the ECU. Are you looking to use the 0-5v signal from the sensor to feed the ECU with a oil pressure fail safe?
  2. Right on! I live in a county that doesn't smog test. What BB said - Mine is approximately 12" before the TB and 24" after the IC
  3. Where are you located? I'm assuming you're not under any sort of emissions control for license / registration? I did something similar on my 350z/z33 where I'm using wideband o2 input, eliminated my OEM narrow bands but I stubbed off the connection with deutsch connector just incase I have to have them re-installed. +1 to the IAT. In the 350z realm its common to ditch the OEM MAF and use the on-board MAP (of your aftermarket platform) and then wire-in a standard GM IAT thermistor.
  4. A little bit of an update - retested injectors and sparkplugs on cylinders #1 and #3, swapped aforementioned #1 and #3 and it appears to be functioning as intended. This may have been something as simple as a loose connection. Thanks again guys!
  5. I don't know your platform but on my z33, also after a harness rebuild, engine rebuild, and different turbo setup I had starting issues. Cranked fine, I had fuel pressure and I checked/double checked multiple times along the way of the harness rebuild and it ended up being my camshaft position sensors.
  6. Thanks for the response Adam. I haven't yet but I'm pointed in that direction!
  7. Hey guys I'm ironing out some issues enroute to getting my setup back on the road. Things are going well and I've had great support from Link overall and really liking the G4+. I have revamped my setup from a greddy 18g twin kit to now a custom front mount/reversed long tube header single turbo. I can start, idle and throttle-blip the car fine and it behaves like you'd expect. I have 8 to 10 idle sessions of typically less than 1minute per session thus far. No actual road miles on it yet. Just start ups to get the cooling system bled, ensure oil is flowing, etc. When I shut the car down 5 of my 6 exhaust runners are hot or too hot to touch (these are cylinders #2 through #6). Cylinder #1 is room temperature. I have checked continuity between the coil and the ECU and between the injector and ECU (both test fine) I have performed both the coil / spark plug test and injector test (using link's test protocol and a mechanics stethoscope) with coil/plug and injector installed (all tested fine about 3 weeks ago) I have pulled cylinder #1 spark plug, connected to the coil, and touching the chassis and visually checked the spark Upcoming tests: I am in the process of testing the injector outside the engine w/Links injector test I am going to swap Cylinder #1 coil & injector with Cylinder #3 coil & injector to see if the problem follows the injector. Reload a older known-good map. My question is - is there a place in the Link where you can turn on / turn off individual injectors? For some reason my ECT temp sensor was turned off (no idea how this happened) and is this simply a circumstance where injector #1 got turned off by accident?? Much appreciated & grateful for your help current map is attached For reference: (upside-down header / turbo setup) about what it looked like a few weeks ago JKB ST MAP 2019-08-04.pclr
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