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  1. One follow up question that may be related. The vg30 cas is inside the mechanical distributor housing. So to set base timing i locked it at 0deg in the software (calibrate under triggers section) and rotate the housing to set timing at the crank pulley. I ended up needing to type in an ignition offset of -50degrees in order to get the timing close enough to be able to mechanically adjust it. -50 deg seemed like a lot to me. Anything to worry about there? Is this typical practice? Mike
  2. Hey thanks for the replies! I checked disc diameter and they were the same between the OEM 360 nissan disc and the diyautotune disc. I did notice that the DIYautotunedisc had some slight rub marks on it. The disc is thicker and its flatness isnt very good, lots of runout. Seems like it could cause issues. I replaced the DIYautotune 12-1 disc with the OEM nissan disc and scoped the trigger signals. They look clean to me. Cam and Crank are reversed on the OEM disc, so if I proceed with this disc i would need to swap my wiring pins such that the 360 (blue) trace is on trigger 1, correct? any reason not to proceed with the OEM disc? This engine will rev to 7000rpm. Or Should I try to replace or fix the DIYautotune disc?
  3. Hi, I am configuring my new Link Xtreme G4 on my 1984 Nissan 300ZX with VG33ET. I have wired the ECU and setup the triggers and am evaluating them using the Trigger Scope function. I am preparing to start the car. This engine has an optical sensor in the distributor body (cam driven) which reads crank and cam signals. I have removed the stock optical wheel and fitted a 12-1 wheel from diyautotune.com (pic here https://www.diyautotune.com/product/54-mm-optical-trigger-wheel-for-nissan-l28et-or-vg30e/). As you can see it has one cam sync slot. When cranking, The runtime values show an appropriate crank RPM (~350-400), and both trigger 1 and 2 are green. No trigger 1 errors accumulate. So that seems good. However, the cam trigger doesnt look very good to me on the scope. As you can see from the blue trace below, there is one big trigger event, but lots of little jitters as well. Is this something I should be worried about? So far i tried changing the filter level from 1, to 2, to 3, but no difference on the scope. Thanks Mike
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