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  1. sorry I think I figured the log out, I hope. I just cant seem to get it running. ill give you my story i bought the turbo kit/ the atom G4+ off some dude off kijiji. Said the atom already had a tune on it for the ka24de with the setup. Can't find the tune anywhere on it. So I started to make my own. Knowing I'll have to put it on the dyno to get true tune. So pretty much put all this junk on the ka that ran flawlessly. Now i can't get to stay running. Had a few pitter and patters when playing with the timing on the atom. Hope I got the right one? captains log.csv captains log.llg
  2. Adamw, i do have rpm readings when cranking.
  3. Hey boys. I'm in need of some kind of base map for a s13 ka24det with the atom G4+ Stock ka24de with stock sr turbo and injectors. 2.5 link bar. Cant seem to get it started. I can get both triggers set up and etc. But I can't seem to able to find my Timing. Again, I'm a new to the links. If anyone could point me in the right direction.
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