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  1. Ok so I haven't been able to test sensor yet as my multimeter has decided it doesn't want to work. But I started the car again today and now it has a weird random misfire. It will mis a bit. Then the idle will wander, afr changes from 13.5 to around 15 and then back. If I richen it up to around 12:1 though it doesn't misfire anymore. My aem gauge and the ECU both reporting same readings within .1-.3 of each other. This thing keeps throwing me through a loop. Here's a log if anybody wants to take a look and see if you can see if it's a tune issue or just my crappy car. misfire idle.llg
  2. Ok I'll measure it when I get some time tomorrow. It's not acting crazy. It just doesn't seem like it's accurate because it was idling for around 30 min and was only around 162*f, So 70ish C. Probably is a bad sensor but it's always nice to get a sanity check from someone else. Especially being so new to this ECU.
  3. Ok, so I have my n300+ setup and running in my car. Calibrated the AEM wideband, setup the GM iat sensor. Those seem to be working fine. But I'm still using the oem ECT sensor. And no preset calibrations seem to work properly. So I was wondering if I'm missing something or if I need to make my own Cal table? Or does anybody know if there is a recommended sensor to use that will fit my engine? If my research has done me right I believe the thread size is m12x1.75. Thanks.
  4. Ok so follow up question, is there anywhere online I could purchase the module that you know of? Or would I need to find a local-ish dealer and go through them? I did a little bit of searching but couldn't come up with Anything.
  5. I've been doing some research and think I have everything figured out. But then I saw there is a link remote e throttle module. So my question is, would it be possible to wire up the throttle body and accel pedal straight to ECU with xs connectors. Or is this module required? Also is there any wiring in the pclink help page for the accel pedal sensor? I know the tb wiring is in there. But I'm not able to check for app sensor info right now as I'm not at my computer. Thanks for any and all help. Also if it matters I plan on going with a Dodge vdo(hemi) tb and a 350z or sti pedal. ECU is a z32 g4+.
  6. Awesome. That's what I was thinking but needed a sanity check to make sure it would work. I just measured my car and the gauge sends a 7 volt reference. So I'm sure a 5 volt would work. And I have the resistance values saved somewhere so I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks for confirming my idea.
  7. Got an idea, did a little searching and haven't come up with anything solid. So my question is, would it be possible to use a spare input on a z32 g4+ plug in to read resistance from a fuel level sender? I think it would be cool to be able to set it up and be able to read gas level over a can display. As I'm planning on removing factory gauges and just using a can display. Thanks for any and all input.
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