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  1. Hi team, New user here from the Megasquirt world. Came for the DBW, stayed for the cruise control features I hope my question is clear here. I have a 2006 WRX that I would like to swap in the Subaru EZ30. Will the #WRX107+ ECU support this engine? It appears to me that the #WRX107+ specific ecu is just the Xtreme stuffed into an application specific box. So I should be able to re-wire those extra connections at the engine harness and bingo. Easier than doing a full wire-in kit and cheaper since i don't need the connectors now. Just looking at the software it lists 8 ignition and injector outputs so in theory i can simply change the output to the corresponding engine component, correct? Therefore: Purge becomes INJ 5 Cruise becomes INJ 6 Engine Fan becomes INJ 5 AC Clutch becomes INJ 6 Sounds like a plan?
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