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  1. All, Looking at purchasing the MR2LINK V1 - #TST185, for my largely stock Gen 2 3S-GTE. I was unable to view any manuals/datasheets as the link gave a 404 error. I'm trying to understand A) Beyond the PNP ECU, what other components are necessary? It seems from the specs that it can use my stock AFM... BUT I see videos of people replacing with MAP (4bar) sensor and an IAT sensor in place of the Cold Start Injector. Are these mandatory for the system to work? I want to ensure if I plug in the G+ ECU, load the ST185 start map, and have it will run without any other component changes. Also, since I've been looking at other similar units...does it have an AUTO-TUNE feature with a wideband? There are NO tuner shops near me, and wouldn't want to drive several hours with a poor base map. It would be nice (under light loads) to tool around and make small adjustments before taking a larger trip.
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