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  1. I'm installing a Subaru EZ36 and Subaru 5 speed in a Porsche 914 and am looking at the G4+ Fury and Thunder ECUs. My questions are: Can the Fury support a second Uego input and recognize the separate signals as Bank 1 and Bank 2? Does the Thunder do this automatically with it's dual internal Uego sensors? Will it make full bank fuel corrections? Because my 5 speed VSS is directly on the output shaft can I use it for traction control? Thanks!
  2. Perfect, the gauges use the GM PIDS so I'm good. Thanks for your quick reply!
  3. I did a quick search and didn't find an answer so here I am. I'm looking at a set of Speedhut gauges that use a CAN J1979 protocol in order to keep a factory looking dash. Does the G4+ Fury have the ability to have the CAN output set to this protocol? Thanks for your time
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