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  1. Yes, timing was the problem. Now car starts. Thanks. One more question: Where you can adjust idle rpm´s in the pc link?
  2. Thank you very much, you were absolutely right. These settings are now corrected. Car still wont start, we have to check triggers with timing light next. When firing order was wrong there was little bit of a backfire now it does not even promise. Is there anything that we should keep in mind while we do this? I´ll attach updated tune file. markus testi.pclr
  3. Hi! File attached Checked the harness, it is routed as follows TP--> AN6 and map-->AN4 markus testi.pclr
  4. Hi! Thank you very much. Yes actually those were not assigned correctly, now it have been fixed. Car still won´t start but it´s trying better than last time. One thing I noticed with TP calibration: it seems to go allright. But when you look at the chart that shows it: If you do not press the pedal value is 0% (like it should) however when you press the pedal even slightly it jumps straight to 100% and there is nothing in between.
  5. Greetings from Finland! I am new here and have a little problem:I I have -94 Supra automatic (2JZ-GTE) which have been converted to single turbo. I have Link G4+ Kurofune engine management and HKS F-CON TPS-1 harness. Have been trying to start the car but MAP-sensor sigal is missing: value shown 0,5. Throttle information values are also not right. If we take Kurofune out, car will start. With Kurofune it seems that car get way too much gasoline... Gasoline is injected with same chart that map-sensor. Any ideas what could be wrong?. Thanks
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