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  1. Thanks for this. I presume I just cut the part if the loom that goes to the relevant pin and stick a switch with earth on one side, so it's either grounded or not. Sorry I'm fairly new to this. Got my head round mapping the car etc. Just struggling with additional features. Regards
  2. PhilS

    water meth injection

    I've also got a impreza ej20 v2. With the aem meth kit. I've yet to link it upto the g4+ yet, but pretty sure you can set it up so when it fails (I had a faulty wiring harness which caused intermittent cutouts) you can set it up as a input to give you a different boost/fuel table. There's probably a whole load of options and I'd be interested in seeing what any else has done.
  3. Hi all. I've attached the pinouts for the v1 impreza however I don't understand which ones they are? Or is there another wire I can use? I'm after adding another digital input to have two boost levels low/high. I understand the digital inputs will be a switch to ground / isolate that input. If anyone can help. The car has no ac. Regards Phil
  4. Hi all thanks for the help. New cam sensor and she fired up first turn. ☺
  5. Hi thanks very much for the reply. I've switch to the standard ecu just now to determine if there was an issue with ecu but it's exactly the same so I can rule the ecu out now. Definitely looking like a trigger problem so will have a look at the video now ☺ and swap ecu back to the link. Thanks again
  6. Hi I've been looking at the car all day. In the software trigger 1 is OK but nothing shows for trigger 2?..should I have both? I've checked I have ignition at the coil but no signal to the coils? Tomorrow I'm going to fire the coils using the tthe software.. See if I get a spark. Is there any thing else I can check? Kind regards
  7. Hi. Thanks for the reply and help ☺. Going to try l the car later on see if I get any luck. Will let you know. Thanks again Phil
  8. Hi all. I'm wondering if any one could help.. I stored away my wrx which I've had running the link ecu for about 10 months, all had been fine however while it was in storage the battery got disconnected for the entire time. (my dad removed the battery to charge it). However now it won't start I don't know if its ecu related I re uploaded my last map to see if it made any change but no. The car has a sigma m34 immobiliser the car is turning over and getting fuel but it's not starting. Is there a way to rule ecu out or would it be more likely the immobiliser isn't working properly? Kind regards
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