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  1. #86v12supra for build blog. My vids are all too large to post here. No dyno yet...
  2. Sorry, if I misunderstood, or wasn't clear. Left hand drive. I understand it's not links job. I was looking for someone who had done the 1gz vvti settings. Frankly my first time setting up vvti, wanted to be sure I was on right path. Thank you.
  3. 2nd cam sensor di1. Aux 3 vvti driver side. Aux 4 vvti pass side. I may have my tuner contact you direct as he will have the car monday the 23rd..next time I will be able to download file at shop will be sunday...thank you.
  4. Engine is now running great, earlier issues were wiring related. I am running with vvti wired up, but not enabled. I am wondering if anyone else has set up vvti on one of these, and which settings to use. Thank you..
  5. It actually runs fairly well, and backfires sporadically. Burnt up the o2 sensor, with raw fuel on startup settings so its waiting for new parts. Ive seen other people with 1 gz builds mention it was within 5 degrees or less. Thank you again.
  6. Had to put in 40 degrees of advance , 245 offset now. Seems like an odd number. Still getting a random backfire...wondering if I need to go 360 down and input -115 as the offset? The help section mentioned this as an alternate..
  7. Thats exactly what I needed. I wasnt hitting enter. You guys rock!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the 1jz settings. While I had it running, I was trying to set the base calibration, but the ecu will not unlock the offset value. I cant find any instructions on how to unlock these fields. I have tried clicking on the lock button, and right clicking on the offset, but it will not change the value. Storm rev 1.7. Pic attatched
  9. I have concerns that I may have triggers with reversed polarity on my toyota 1gzfe build. I did not have cars pinout, made educated guesses concerning wiring of triggers, engine has 2 crank sensors and 2 cam sensors. . Car is started and runs, but timing seems off. I ran a scope capture, its attatched here. Can you tell from this if polarity is wrong? Thanks in advance Trigger Scope Log 2019-04-23 2;10;54 pm.llg
  10. Thank you for the clarification.
  11. Thank you for the quick replies. Some quick notes-running batched injection with paired across the banks, ie, 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc. Running wasted spark with stock groupings. Using cable operated tbs with just 1 tps. Using just 1 of 2 coolant temp sensors. Dual crank sensors are 180 apart. Exhaust cams are driven by intakes, so there are just 1 vvti solenoid and cam sensor per bank. Sensor wheel is a 36-2 from all published info. Several posts on this forum were very helpful. Worst case scenario is I will have a 180 out if i use the wrong cas, or polarity issues, and either are easily fixed by repinning connectors.
  12. Hello. Wiring a 1gzfe v12 toyota for a Storm ecu. Have seen other posts recommending trigger 1 crank, trigger 2 cam 1, cam 2 d1. The engine has 2 crank sensors, has anyone determined which is correct one to use yet? Also, vvti wiring guide says to use d1 for vvti also, does digital input # really matter? Tia for any help.
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