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  1. I followed the instructions to the letter in the help menu. As I said I couldn't select the f12 on the tablet and the instructions weren't clear to select that other than the f12 key. 3. Display the Misc tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 key). Look for the Gear Ratio Status (right hand column). As I'm not familiar with the LINK system I am learning as I go. So far I have found it isn't straight forward and a lot of going back and forward is needed. Why isn't there a straight forward sequence to setting up a particular system? I have set up Autronic systems in groupA rally cars and production cars and found that relatively easy. Also familiar with Hondata and Motech in various rally cars. But this link is a bit redneck in comparison. But as I said I'm not that familiar with it yet. Still earning, and appreciate the help from those that obviously know all the tricks.
  2. Tried all sorts and nothing worked. Ended up redoing it all on the tablet. 1 thing I did notice is the layout display only loads in a particular link file type. Other saved files are in pclink and wont open. Gave up trying to make it work and redid it on the tablet, which is painfully slow. In trying to setup gear selection, doing the gear ratio calibration and found it simply doesn't work. Followed instructions as in help file and it won't calibrate. Only thing I can't do on the tablet while trying to calibrate, is bring up the values menu (f12) to check the speed. There is a speed display working on the dash so don't think its a speed sensor input fault. At a loss to figure it out. Don't want to muck shit up so will leave it for now.
  3. Copied it to the flash drive, loaded to the tablet, and opened it from the shortcut made..... went straight to the old version. Tried opening from the flashdrive via the menu and not the shortcut...... Went straight to the old version. Tried opening via LINK ecu menu.....old version Removed flashdrive and put in the laptop ..... loaded the new version.
  4. Interesting issue now....set the new dash layout on the laptop and want to load it onto the tablet (Surface Pro4). Copied it to a usb flash drive and loaded it onto tablet. Now that "new" layout reverts to the "old" layout no matter what I try. Put the flash drive back in the laptop, open it, and I see the "new" straight away. Have I missed something?
  5. Found it under ECU Settings. Hopefully got it sussed
  6. Yeah I got that.... but in what menu? I can't find the Gear Detection Type in the parameters menu. Is it in another menu or under a different heading?
  7. Gave it a crack. Thanks for your help Adamw. Just got to play with parameters a bit now. Where to I input gear ratios to set up the gear selector indicator?
  8. Will need some more directions please....Can't see where to see the map offline anywhere in the menu... Help menu not very helpful
  9. Oh Ok didn't realise it needs to be connected to the ecu to change layout
  10. The "LAYOUT" tab isn't highlighted and can't be selected to do any changes. Is that locked?
  11. Trying to set up the tablet a bit better and change a few things around. How do I alter the display when I can't select the LAYOUT tab in the toolbar? Its there, but not highlighted. Is it locked?
  12. Awesome.Thanks so much Adamw!!
  13. Cheers for that Adamw. I appreciate the quick reply via email. Will be working on it very soon. Speed sensor is a 3 wire connection and is very easy to wire it up. (+12v, gnd, signal) I am assuming I use 1 of the 4 digital inputs in the ECU? Is there a specific terminal or any of the inputs OK? Wiring up the switch for pitlane speed limiter though......where do I wire the switch into? Digital or analogue? Same would go for the launch control button. Where would the switch be wired into? Switches are momentary spring loaded with 2 terminals. Does wiring get connected 1 to gnd and the other to ecu? or does the signal go through ecu to switch and back to ecu? Haven't found any description in regards to wiring the switches in.
  14. Have seen that the monsoon can do latched launch control (LLC) and pitlane speed limiter (PSL). Oh yeah and gear selector indicator (GSI) as well. Wouldn't mind setting this up to work on the race car. I know the GSI needs wheel speed signal and then I'll need to input gear ratios. Any tips to set these systems up please......? How many wheel speed sensors would be needed? Can I use the vehicle's std wheel sensors? Also can the Monsoon take a signal from a fuel level sensor to be able to have a fuel guage on the digital dash display? (Tablet being used as a dash) Car is an Altezza SXE10 Beams 3SGE with itb's and 6spd being used for circuit racing only.
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