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  1. Greenday694

    E36 3000rpm at start up

    Thanks for your help. It dose idle around 50%. 52% at high idle cold , and 47% warm. 3L_M50_60lb_m122h.2.pclr Log 2018-11-8 12;17;59 pm.llg
  2. Greenday694

    E36 3000rpm at start up

    Confirmed. Will not start with Isc blocked. Unless I step on the gas pedal a little.
  3. Greenday694

    E36 3000rpm at start up

    This is what I thought too. I did not have this problem with the 413 dme, modified 623 bin , ostrich 2 emulator, pmas hpx-e mas and 42lb injectors. The problem with that set-up, was the dme didn't have the broad range needed with large injectors. -60% for idle then try to add 110 at 16 lb boost. The injectors were maxed out. And since -60% was already pushing the dme limit I knew it would not work with the needed 60lb. I mite try to restrict airflow from the ISC.?
  4. Greenday694

    E36 3000rpm at start up

    93 325is 3 l m 50 Stroker Eaton m122h supercharger . Problem = slight prolonged cranking, then jumps to 3000 RPMs. Cold or hot start up. Then very quickly comes down to 900 RPMs. Max clamp is set to 60. Although it shows 80% during cranking?